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So my friend Charlie recently got his hair cut. I know; I can barely manage to complete this sentence over the overwhelming sounds of you caring.Twitter, however (as much as I loathe it) flashes up an article on Miley Cyrus taking shears to her head and suddenly the world’s panties moisten up to oceanic levels, with everyone and their frog aching for a peek at the new look. But honestly, who actually gives a sodding crap?

Nature VS Media’s Nurture

‘AAAHHH BUT SAUL, SHE’S FAMOUS – I WANT TO TOUCH HER BEAUTIFUL FACE!’ the villagers cry, yielding pitchforks and torches, whilst chasing me out of their sheep-riddled county. However, as I look back into this sea of cauliflower-ed ears and curiously eerie wife-sister hybrids, I realise that the public and celebrities when mashed together become very serious business.

This is all understandable.

The entire ‘Ooh look at the beautiful people’ mentality is inherent to our nature. It’s a convenient tool in this shallow world when we select an appropriate mate to combine our genes with. Playing on that angle like a flute, the media pushes pretty people down our throat like the foie-gras geese they think we are.

It’s understandable, but this kind of drivel does not warrant news.

The Egoistic S*** Rises

It is a poison. A dangerous egoistic steroid that lunges the subject into a violent world of a false-senses of entitlement coupled with a train wreck of an attitude.

Whether the celebrity is gorging themselves over a gossipy tabloid; or shovelling through s*** down the darkest crevices of the World Wide Web; a plethora of justification becomes apparent in pathetic piles of fan and media based admiration that lulls them further into the illusion that they are in fact: “AN IMPORTANT PERSON”

What’s more this cancer is spreading. Whilst being paraded around as a digital meat-market on every corner under the sun via the modern media, one can’t help but pass judgement. In doing so a unity emerges amongst the public, alive with both positive and negative opinions toward this new twist of image. A vacuum is created amongst friends, celebrity fashion trends depict social uniform and anyone avert from this is outcast. A bomb is planted that results only in explosions of the bitchiest proportions.

Kill Time – Not each other

On the plus side, it isn’t all gloom that falls out of the bowels of this narcissistic-fuelled spiel. There are a couple nuggets of hope to go with it. As much as this trash is undeniably a lethal toxin, (which it definitely is) it does offer a degree of escapism for those in need of quick-stimulus.

There should be a disclaimer that those types of features that they are never to be taken seriously. Otherwise these armies of snotty and sanctimonious savages will continue to flourish. Society will target all in sight that disobey the norms in barbaric one-upmanships to gain the social validation of the spotlighted fools they worship. The horror.

To wrap up, the whole idea of focussing on the celebrity nitty-gritty is a total waste of time. These people are not to be idolised but solely to be enjoyed. They do not know you, nor give one about you. When all is said and done you should live your own life: not theirs.

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