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Loves Young Nightmare: Why The Twi-hard Dream Is Better Off Dead

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Last month American magazine US Weekly broke the news of Kristen Stewart’s affair with ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ director Rupert Sanders. It was the scoop of a lifetime. Catching one half of the worlds biggest couple in flagrante with someone who definitely isn’t the other half of the worlds biggest couple is certainly going to give your readership a kick. And to give them their dues US weekly quietly endured a fortnight of unrelenting abuse from Twilight fans before the rumours were officially confirmed by Stewart herself.

Whilst most people couldn’t care less about the relationship woes of a couple with a combined salary of $40 million unsurprisingly the news has hit Twi-hards in the same way that news of Santa’s non existence hits an over curious seven-year-old on Christmas Eve. The internet has been flooded with pre-pubescent outrage, despondency and despair as ‘Rob-sten’ fans react to news of the breakup.

It’s easy to mock the army of Twi-hards currently weeping themselves soggy all over the planet. Surely there are more important things to worry about in life than whether or not Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are holding hands or spitting at each other on the street. It just doesn’t matter to most of us. But are we forgetting just what it's like to be a teenager? When it comes down to it, isn’t adolescence 80% fantasy? When your biggest concern in life is how to wheedle another tenner out of your parents, there's an awful lot of time for daydreaming. And it's an integral part of growing up. 

What's truly sad about the ‘Rob-sten’ media debacle is the way that youth itself has been forgotten. Kristen Stewart is a mere 22 years old. Since news of her affair broke she’s been routinely bullied and abused on television, on the internet, and in hundreds of newspapers and magazines. Media pundits are climbing over each other to label her a ‘homewrecker,’ and the Twi-hards are baying for her blood. Kristen Stewart and her wayward genitals have seemingly offended the world.  

Publicly vilifying a 22-year-old for cheating on her lover is like shouting at an old person for sucking their Worthers Originals too loudly on the bus, it's not a certainty, but it's certainly to be expected. Fresh out of her teens, Kristen Stewart has made the same mistake that millions of young girls in their first serious relationships make. She believed that ‘wanting’ was the same as ‘deserving.’ She took too much and was duly punished for it. But in many ways that's the very essence of youth, taking without asking, indulging first and feeling guilty later. Youth is wholly defined by the mistakes we make and whether or not we choose to learn from them. Celebrity or no, Kristen Stewart deserves more from the media and from the world.

The only difference between Stewart and most of her fans is her fame. Whilst she is forced to carry out her fantasies in front of the world's media, Twi-hards around the globe struggle with the same problems and dilemmas. Their despair at the ‘Rob-sten’ breakup is just another important learning curve. Teenagers idolise celebrity couples because their own relationships are still sporting ‘learner plates.’ It is just as important that we give them the same room to mourn these couples when they inevitably head towards Splitsville.

Time moves remarkably fast and not much of it resides between those years spent dreaming of Orlando Bloom or Tara Reid, and those later years spent occasionally laughing but mostly weeping over real life teenage dramas. If anything, these harmless fantasy years should be wholly cherished.

Yes, Twilight is massively naff. But let em’ have it eh? We all needed something once upon a time. 

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