Paralympics: Less or More Important than the Olympics?

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Controversy has hit the post offices of Britain as the Paralympics’ Gold-Medallists are told that they must share a stamp, rather than have individual ones like those of the Olympics’ golden athletes.This of course has sparked instant fury across the country as twitter is set on fire by the ranting and raving British public.

If anyone had taken the time to check out the Paralympics Official Website, they would have realised that it is because the Paralympics’ athletes from our country are just too good! They had a haul of 42 golds in 10 days in Beijing, which would be practically and logistically impossible for the Royal Mail to reproduce in stamp form.

It is a real shame that the Paralympics have always had to sit in the shadow of the Olympics, when the athletes are just as hard working and talented. It must seem to them that when it is not possible for life to be fair to everyone, they are the ones that always draw the short straw. The only solution would have been to make the Olympic athletes share stamps too; no one would have complained then would they?

Perhaps this will always be the way, even with heroic figures such as Oscar Pistorius showing that one doesn’t need legs to run anymore. Some people viewed Pistorius’ participation in the Games with suspicion, and whether his metallic legs gave him any sort of advantage or not, it could be said that he is one of the people that undermines the Paralympics; The Paralympics were not good enough for Oscar Pistorius.

In the 1948 Olympics, a small amount of WWII veterans, injured in battle, became the starting blocks to the Paralympics. It should be remembered that the Paralympians are carrying on the legacy of true heroes to our country. They have overcome every obstacle in life, and have proved that life is in their hands, not in their fate. We don’t need a small square of sticky-backed paper to remember that.

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