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In recent years the Westboro Baptist Church, among others, have gained infamy through their numerous and bull-headed protests condemning homosexuals. They parade around with signs and banners, some quoting bible verses, others merely expressing ignorant hatred. Often, these placards are in the hands of small children, the most famous image of which being that of a small child wielding one such sign bearing the motto “God hates fags”. But does he, really?

It is hard to believe that a being which created an entire universe, millions of creatures, and wonders of such epic complexity and design would be at all ruffled by the sexual preferences of a few of his herd. Christianity accepts, for the most part, that their holy text is not entirely applicable in the modern world. They cling to the idea that their deity created ourselves and all around us, but seem to allow a lot of what His prophets have written over the years to become somewhat obsolete. For example, adulterers are no longer buried in the ground to the neck and pelted with stones until dead, as the gospel of Moses dictates.

With this said, however, there are still many in this modern age who believe homosexuality to be fundamentally wrong. The leaders of those who judge based on the word of God are the Westboro Baptist Church. Their webpage contains transcripts and audio versions of sermons, press releases and fliers, the more eye catching of which are called things like “Aids cures Fags” and “Thank God for 15 More Dead Troops”. They pepper their arguments with references to bible verses which condemn sodomy and homosexuality. Reading through this website is as maddening as it is humorous. You’ll laugh aloud at the idea that these people actually believe in what they preach. The laughter dies in your throat though when you remember what these people do in the name of their false ideals, handing picket signs to children and standing outside the funerals of dead servicemen. 


Put aside any ideas of atheism and imagine the Christian God is the true God, with the inherent power, sight and benevolence. Would a God with these characteristics really abide such treatments and behaviours such as the intolerance displayed and promoted by Westboro and their supporters? It is part of the contradictory nature of religion that God is both all good and forgiving as well as wrathful and vengeful. He loves us unconditionally but sets us conditions to live by should we wish to go to heaven. Similarly, preachers teach that God loves all of his children equally, yet also that, depending on the child’s preferences or lifestyle, God may snub him and hand him over to the devil.

This argument has come to light once again in recent weeks as gay marriage looks to be close to becoming legal in the United Kingdom. Those against this outcome sight God in their reasoning, stating that marriage is something undertaken within the sight of God and therefore must remain pure to Him and His values bestowed upon us. Within the same rules, women should be virgins when they marry, and any bastard children may never marry or even enter a church. Gay marriage should be allowed, not because I have any strong feelings either way but because I see it as a complete irrelevance. As a heterosexual, I do not see what the idea of same sex marriage has to do with me nor why any of my fellow heteros give a damn what homosexual couples wish to call themselves. What difference does it make to me whether the gay couple across the street wish to refer to themselves as life partners, civil partners or a married couple. Religion plays little to no part in modern day Britain, so their obligations to a simple and unimportant issue should be as ignored as their arguments against the use of contraception or women being allowed to vote.

The truth is that within this modern age of science and understanding, nothing is done under the eye of the Lord any more. If He does indeed exist, He is long gone from these parts.

"The only lawful sexual connection is the marriage bed. All other sex activity is whoremongery and adultery, which will damn the soul forever in Hell." The Westboro Baptist Church

Tom Hitchen

I am a Creative Writing and Philosophy graduate having attained Upper Second Class Honours from the University of Hull. I aspire to make a living as a writer and to enjoy myself while doing so.

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