60 Years: Let’s Have Some Beers

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As we celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, marking her 60 years on the throne with various celebrations, we’ve all seen the union jack bunting, the tea sets, balloons and oh so lovely looking food and drink. However, for Britain’s younger generation, who are maybe less enthusiastic about the monarchy, is the Diamond Jubilee just another excuse for us to party?

Many of us will be celebrating the coveted extended weekend, garden parties in particular seem to be the popular plan. Families across the country will be holding their own parties; you know what this means, family friends and neighbours who you’ve barely spoken to before try to strike up an awkward conversation with you college/university/work is going. But many of the luckier people will be celebrating in other ways, not to give a salutation to the monarchy, but more to use it as an excuse for a good old knees-up. There have been plenty of similar events in the past that have given the younger generation an excuse to party, William and Kate’s wedding for one. Then throughout the year we have annual events like Christmas, New Years Eve, and for those in education, the anticipated end of the university or college year. The Jubilee is another major event that grants us the time off from our responsibilities, as well as a reason to celebrate. For this particular festivity many of us plan to have a laugh and get pissed with a Jubilee theme (there’s even a Diamond Jubilee design shot glass online), and a lot of us will already be drawing up the rules for our personal Jubilee drinking game. The excitement of getting some much needed time off with friends, doesn't mean that the younger generation of Britain doesn’t have any attachment to the monarchy or a lack of desire to celebrate it.

So will we actually be celebrating the Jubilee? To the younger generation in particular, the monarchy may not mean much. Some may feel that we as a society with a democracy no longer need a monarchy to function as a country; others may feel that the royal family are an unnecessary cost to the nation’s finances and are a symbol of high society, and others may simply have no interest at all. But for others, the Diamond Jubilee may be an important milestone for the monarchy that ignites the flame of patriotism, especially for those with a keen interest in the history of monarchy. After all, Queen Elizabeth is just under four years away from being Britain’s longest ruling monarch, surpassing the reign of Queen Victoria. Whatever the reason for celebration, and whatever your opinion of the British monarchy, it doesn’t mean we don’t have the right to make the most of the time off we have, even it is just an excuse to party. You could even get in the Jubilee spirit and invest in some cakes and cucumber sandwiches to enjoy with your alcohol, before the takeaways are ordered in, that is. 

Jenny Pinder

I'm a 22 year old living in Hull, soon to be living in Leeds. I recently found out I have officially passed my university degree, so now I have a summer of fun to look forward to. At the moment everything in life is falling nicely into place.

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