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We are looking for a number of promoters who want to EARN SOME DRINKING MONEY FAST by selling festival/holiday tickets online!!! We have all the promotional material you need to get going or if you would prefer do it all online from the comfort of your own home, Facebook is probably the easiest ;). The commission structure works like this:

·         Beach break live: £4 per head increasing to £5 at 50 team sales.

·         Summer break: starts at £8 and goes up to £12 a head at 50 team sales and to £15 a sale when the team hits 100 sales.

·         Ibiza Invasion: £10 a head and a free ticket to Ibiza for one lucky promoter every time the team achieves 30 sales for this event.


The main advantages:

·         Working with us means you will get paid from the first sale you make

·         As the teams hits its targets you all get a pay increase

·         It is easy to sell as you have multiple events to promote

·         You can do it from anywhere

·         There is no minimum or maximum to how many you can sell




How does it work?

Head over to Groups and Societies now and join the BounceSIN Festival Team, check out the FAQs in the Announcement Section and then look at the group description for a full list of current festivals available and their buy it links.  This list will grow so keep your eyes on it to snap up some easy money for friends who are already planning to go.


It really is that simple!!! Tickets are available until they sell out, which they always do!!! So start earning some cash straight away and get your names registered for the BounceSIN Festival Team.


P.S. If you are interested in Journalism and want to get a reference and some work experience doing stories for BounceSIN then also check out the BounceSIN Journalism Team in Groups and Socieites.


Big love


The BounceSin Team

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