Do you think I was Bourne yesterday??

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Caution: Bourne Series Spoilers Throughout.


Having written the screenplay for the Bourne Trilogy so far, Tony Gilroy has decided to take things into his own hands and is directing another Bourne film! Would you Adam and Eve it! Except this time Matt Damon is off the team and Aaron Cross is in. The basic story line that you can extract from the various, partially obstructed images that get flashed at you is that Jason Bourne, who was completely untouchable by Interpol, the UN and every other trained Mercenary that was thrown at him disappeared after the last film. Another person, from an agency called 'Outcome' which is described as 'Treadstone without the inconsistency' has sprung up and decided to f*** everyone up.


Based on what we saw from Jason Bourne we can expect that this will bode pretty damn badly for everyone. So how are they going to make this sequel work? Well one trick is to throw some high profile Actors at it. Edward Norton will be making a staring role as Byer and we're guessing there’s a good chance you haven't seen him since he smashed it in the Illusionist as Eisenheim the Illusionist, he’s going to be teaming up with Rachel Weisz who you'll remember from The Mummy I, II and III. So how’s it going to work? Well as a devout Bourne fan I will keep you updated but for now, watch this trailer and see what you make of it all... Don't let me down!


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