Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK. According to Cancer Research UK, breast cancer incidence rates have increased 70% since the 1970s and 6% in the last ten years. Meanwhile, the disease accounted for 11,633 deaths in 2010. The English Premier League’s television deal is worth a massive £3 billion, it generates the highest revenue of any football league in the world and Wayne Rooney earned £17.2 million pounds in the 2011-2012 season.

As the world watched on, Felix Baumgartner jumped from 128,000 ft towards mass celebrations. This feat had never been successful before; new world records and a hero had been created in the process. No one can even contemplate what must have gone through his head at such unimaginable heights, with a global audience gripped by tension during the minutes of freefall that ultimately proved successful beyond what had been imagined. At a time of very little exciting news or events, this freefall will go down as one of this century’s greatest live moments.

In a world where people are getting shot every day in acts of barbaric violence, it is chilling to suggest we are not surprised by the shooting of 14-year-old Malala. She was shot in the head and neck on her way home from school, and will need her skull restructuring. We might all say how outraged we are at this attack, but when we first saw the news, did we not think ‘oh, another shooting in Pakistan’? But we cannot become immune to it. She was shot after publicly criticising the Taliban for their violent action against girls’ education in 2009. This shooting has gripped the nation in horror as Malala, dared to do what others wouldn’t. Now, others are encouraged to speak out too.

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Day 9; And God created foolish idiots!

To possess the power to provide eternal life and eliminate death entirely, but only issue it to those that are willing to kill for you and be submissively loyal is utterly immoral in terms of human nature, both internal and societal. We as human beings derive our moral conduct from our feelings in regard to our human nature. Man created God and has suffered in His shadow. Eliminating God means that we as human beings are the powerful receptacles that retain the memory of our loved ones so that they live on through us, in our human consciousness. Love and compassion exist without the presence of God and provide humanity with the capacity to be moral.

Day 8; And God created bullshit!

How can an atheist find meaning in life? How can we face death without the comfort of the afterlife? How should we think about right and wrong? Creationists fear the questions that arise in the absence of religion and God. The devoutly religious are evasive when it comes to questioning the existence of God or His illogical methods. God did it. This answer to the burning questions of life, death and the reality that surrounds us just simply won't do. Religion and particularly creationism has a smug sense that it possesses the meaning of life. Religion is arrogant. Let us break this down.

October is upon us and with recent apocalyptic rainfall diminishing any hope of a late Indian summer, some may feel resigned to slouch on the sofa and reminisce back to the glory days of summer. From the Queen’s Jubilee to London 2012 Olympics, and despite criticisms and controversies in between, it was undoubtedly the season to be British. However, despite the looming dark evenings and plummeting temperatures, it seems the summer’s sentiment of patriotism and inspiration lingers on in one form at least; The Great British Bake-off.

Are you a proud owner of the latest gadgets? Mobile phones, laptops, iPods, game consoles…all attractive to the guy lingering around the corner waiting for the opportunity to sneak through your open window. Politicians have announced that in the situation of being presented with an uninvited visitor,  as English and Welsh home owners, anyone can use "reasonable" force to protect themselves, or to carry out an arrest or to prevent crime. As a student, what can you do to keep your clobber safe? The question is what is “reasonable” force?

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