It must be a universally acknowledged fact that the Daily Mail Online makes members of the public want to poke themselves in the eye. Yes, their stories are made up of irredeemable, trivial horsesh*t, but it IS hard to turn a blind eye towards one of their most recent sensationalist articles detailing the case of Josie Cunningham, a 22 year old from -surprise, surprise - Leeds, who received a near £5,000 boob job increasing her breast size to a 36DD, all of which was funded by the NHS. It seemed her flat chest was ruining her life, not through bullying as you might expect, but because, shock horror…she might not make it as a glamour model whilst lacking in tit territory. True to form, the masses turned to their social media outlets and the onslaught of abuse towards Josie and her free-of-charge juicy doubles commenced.  

The streets of London were once sprayed with the art of controversial graffiti artist Banksy;  an anonymous celebrity, his work was political and, quite frankly, genius. But there is a new artist that threatens his title.

The black clouds of inequality rained hard last week in Tunisia, where it is reported that a 19 year old woman has been forcibly admitted into a psychiatric hospital. Her crime? Fraternising with the concept of female liberation in a culture which still abhorrently belies the rights of women, prohibiting their equal existence alongside the men of their country and circumscribing them to rigidly defined codes of conduct. Amina, apparently inspired by members of Femen (the 'radical' Ukranian feminist organisation notorious for their utilisation of bare breasts to fight for their beliefs) posted a series of topless photographs on the Internet with statements such as, ‘My Body is My Own and Not the Source of Anyone's Honour’ written across them in Arabic.

Fresh off its Best Picture win at the OSCARs and BAFTAs, Ben Affleck’s Argo has been released to a surge of rave reviews and a lot of criticism. The thriller, based on true historical events, is a film that focuses on pure, excellent narrative, rather than sensational, stomach churning action. The film surprised me with its light and classic comedic portrayals, and its fluid movement between the light and brassy Hollywood to the cold and detached Iran. 

The 21st century has certainly been a cracker already: we’ve had scandals, weddings, breakthroughs… But, for me, this century has been about one thing.  The Internet. Everything and everyone is on the internet nowadays; the online world is your oyster, and anything goes.

It’s hard to exercise when you get to University. The student lifestyle doesn't exactly lend itself to keeping fit. Deadlines, non-existent sleeping patterns, partying and hangovers all take up a lot of time, but once you find space for exercise in your life, you will never look back.

What is it about awards shows that make me incapable of turning away? Once again, January and February, for me, were all about the BAFTAS, The BRIT Awards, The Grammys, Golden Globes, Oscars and anything else that involved at least one celebrity crying, someone perfecting their ‘I didn’t even prepare a speech’ line, and another humiliating themselves. In this case, two out of three belonged to Anne Hathaway.

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