Child labour is a vicious evil that should have, without doubt, been eradicated many moons ago. The hardest task I faced as a 14 year old was emptying the cutlery section of the dishwasher on sporadic mornings, usually when I felt guilty for ‘treating the house like a hotel’. Some children at this age are forced into tremendously long hours of hard and gruelling labour, where they can be treated cruelly, paid unfairly and stripped of their most sacred possession; their childhood. Would it make you squirm to know that a hefty portion of the world’s largest corporations, still in this day and age are able to get away with the abhorrent practice of child labour?

Members of the Twittersphere may have seen #savetheminiskirt trending and attributed it to an attempt to preserve some fleeting fashion fad. However, the implications of this trio of words are much more serious. They refer to the Ugandan “Anti-Pornography Bill” currently hanging in the balance, which, alongside banning certain T.V shows and films, will also ban women’s right to choose what they wear.

Being online at the same time that it was announced Margaret Thatcher had died was a bit like entering a surprise party: lots of people desperate to jump up and down, shout, and generally make a lot of noise (without really saying, well, anything), whilst you just stand there not really sure whether to laugh or cry.

The most controversial prime minister has died of a stroke today, drawing great lines of juxtaposition throughout Britain. Baroness Thatcher's legacy lay in The Iron Lady's sternness; a refusal to back down that was strength to supporters and weakness to critics. MPs mourn the loss of an outstanding politician, others remember storms brewed before her resignation in 1990. Such unfathomable disrespect comes from 'Respect' MP George Galloway, tweeting 'Tramp the dirt down.'

Ok, so back in 2003 a bunch of super clever guys managed to clone a Sheep. Back when this happened everyone was thinking of the possibilities genetic engineering could lead to. A huge leap forward in Stem Cell research, people were looking at a cure for HIV - the outcomes of such a massive feat of scientific brilliance were limitless. However, scientists in Dubai didn't quite get the memo of all this optimistic thinking and potential life saving ideas. For they put their efforts into enabling a duck to give birth to a chicken - yes, don't give up your aspirations for the cure of cancer quite yet, it might happen. The scientists of Dubai are clearly thinking of a much more prominent issue, the ever impending Chicken genocide that we are now very well prepared for.

Over the past few years, Egypt has found itself in the focus of the world’s media. Social and political instability and disruption are at the heart of such attention. Riots, corruption and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood have seen Egypt thrown into dismay. Just as the media was beginning to move away from the country, a horrific and brutal event happened, calling into question the progression and any changes to the society. On the 17th of March, two young men were brutally beaten, tortured and lynched.

The BBC recently teamed up with academics and concluded that we now have seven social classes in Britain rather than three. The experiment was based not just on economic criteria but on social and cultural information too. In other words, the "experts" found a newfangled way to pigeonhole the British public. Fantastic.

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