Teenage boys up and down the country, rejoice! Apparently there’s actually an academic debate as to whether porn can be considered good for you. Well not in your get your five a day sense, but you get the drift.

Britain’s Got Talent outperformed The Voice with 9.3 million viewers the other Saturday night. Perhaps that goes to show that the public is so over singers with a sob story warbling through their Saturday nights. However, having grown slightly bored of most T.V talent shows, it seems to me that Britain’s Got Talent dances a slightly different jig. It’s colourful and energetic and wild and indulgent. It’s a guilty pleasure that I’m frankly not very guilty about. Here’s why:

In the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, police behind Operation Yewtree arrested yet another high-profiler back in November, who has recently been revealed by the Sun to be the Australian entertainer, Rolf Harris. For God’s sake, please, not another one. Formerly known as supposed sex criminal ‘Yewtree 5’, Harris’ identity was kept under wraps for months after it emerged that his lawyers cited the Leveson report to try to stop the media from identifying him. Harris denies any wrongdoings.

Two hours late for your gig, seized monkeys and now wishing Anne Frank was a member of your sect. Welcome to career hell, Justin Bieber; Lindsey Lohan and Katherine Heigl will be your guides.

Meet Wirathu. He’s been dubbed as the Burmese Bin Laden. He’s a Buddhist monk and he’s not too fond of Islam. Yeah, I know, it’s a bit confusing.

Most people in the UK will equate sex education with rolling flavoured condoms onto multi-ethnic plastic penises, whilst giggling uncontrollably. If you’re school was sh*t enough, you may have used bananas. My condolences. If you have not since actually seen a penis, I would like to reassure any doubts and confirm that penises are not yellow and pieces of fruit. They are penises. Handle with care.

Reports recently announced a new medical marvel, a kidney ‘grown’ in a laboratory, which after being transplanted into animals, began to produce urine. Whilst these engineered kidneys are obviously less effective than natural ones, the science world is buzzing with excitement. It seems in this century anything is possible.

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