So, in the wake of the scandals of Jimmy Savile, Bill Roache and most recently Jimmy Tarbuck, one female Barrister is arguing that the age of consent for sex should be lowered to 13. Obviously, that would solve this kind of problem…

Everybody from the Daily Mail, to Vice Magazine to CNN news has something to say about Jonathan Hobin. Why? Because he’s been taking photographs of children dressed as terrorists and what not.

When US basketball player Jason Collins came out as gay last week, he was greeted with a chorus of journalists, politicians and sports fans proclaiming his courage in making history. Collins became the first active male athlete in any major American professional sports team to wriggle free from the shackles of the straighter-than-thou locker room. The 34-year-old NBA center was inundated with messages of support from the public, as well as sportswear brand Nike, NBA star Kobe Bryant and even president Barack Obama, who declared he ‘couldn’t be prouder’ of Collins. It has been heartening to see tolerance, understanding and acceptance outweigh bigotry even in the hyper-hetero sphere of US major sports. As Lakers forward Metta World Peace told reporters “You should be free to act and do as you want to do, as long as it’s not violent. I came here in a Cookie Monster shirt because I wanted to.” Yes, er, well said Metta.


A new series of The Undateables began at the start of this year and, following its impressive spectatorship  of 2.8 million viewers, it has recently been announced that the show will return for a third series. Upon its airing, the show was met with mixed response. A number of objections were directed to the Advertising Standards Agency concerning the controversial advert reading ‘love is blind, disfigured, autistic…’ However, the complaints were dropped and any comments considering the controversial marketing of the show have been laid dormant ever since.

In Kentucky, America  a five year old boy has shot his two year old sister dead with his own gun.  You still sure you need your guns America?

With news of Katie Price's love life, stories of a footballer committing adultery or even a multi-million pound corporation committing some sort of labour felony, hitting our headlines every single day, those cynical individuals among us are suggesting that we just don’t care about real issues anymore.

When Amanda Knox first travelled to Perugia Italy, I’m guessing that being arrested, tried and supposedly falsely imprisoned for the murder of Meredith Kercher wasn’t top on her list of priorities for her year abroad. Now, the publisher’s  at Harper Collins have realized that there’s a quick quid or two to be made in the telling of her very unique and disturbing  story.


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