Over the weekend, pictures have emerged of Britain’s favourite curvy chef Nigella Lawson, and her art mogul husband Charles Saatchi having what the latter describes as a ‘playful tiff’. This ‘tiff’ consists of him placing his hands round her neck on four different occasions, as well as tweaking her quite roughly on the nose. Suzanna Moore from the Guardian managed to hit the nail on the head when it came to the great debate over the pictures with the words ‘if it's a 'playful tiff', what does a serious one look like?'

Last week, Tuslia Contostavlos or to those of you that don’t know her; that girl from N Dubz and the X-Factor who is bare hard, was arrested after the she was caught offering to buy coke for a Sun Newspaper reporter.

On the 4th June 1913 Emily Davidson threw herself in front of the King’s Horse as a statement of protest to women not having the right to vote in Britain. She died as a result. In the past 100 years much has legally and culturally changed for women’s equality and rights. But how far has it really come? Did our freedom fighting Suffragettes enable women of 2013 to stand shoulder to shoulder to men? Or are women still chained to the shackles of stereotypes and prejudice that have haunted them for the past millennia?

As a girl who’s been in love with The Great Gatsby ever since I first took up those magical pages, I was nervous to see it thrust onto the big screen. I feared that Baz Luhrmann’s creative talent (genius though he is!) would be no match for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wondrous way with words.

In the wake of the Woolwich tragedy there has been an unsurprising backlash against the Islamic community. Also unsurprisingly, the English Defense League, The British National Party and their insidious leader, Nick “Racist Darth Vader” Griffin, are mainly fronting it.

A baby was rescued from a sewer pipe below a toilet in Jinhua, China last Saturday. When first news of this incident hit the headlines my initial reaction was ‘there’s shoddy parenting and then there’s this’.

I don’t care what people say, we’ve got it pretty sweet in the UK. Ok, things aren’t perfect but we’ve got free health care, police, education and a social welfare system .  What pays for all these lovely privileges? Tax.

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