We've all seen Easy A, Zombieland and Superbad and been intrigued by the gorgeous female lead, well here she is! Emma Stone and her 15 best pictures as written by Paul Tassi.

Yes, it’s one of those days again. I have no other reason for posting this gallery of Emma Stone other than she’s pretty and I like her as an actress. If you agree with both those statements, you’ll probably like this photo set as well.

Some people are simply very good at YouTube. If that's even a skill.


Take the owners of the following ten videos, for example. They've just been announced as the top ten most watched videos in the UK on YouTube, having been watched tens of millions of times. And, very handily for you, we've compiled them all into one handy page right here.


Some are weird, some are hilarious, one is a bit rude, and the rest are just genius. Enjoy...


10) TomSka - asdfmovie4
A very weird mix of super-short sketches, which are both random and hilarious in equal measure!




And we couldn't be happier. The Angels are fronted by Miss Holly Muldoon, Amy Green and Emily Cheadle... and to be honest, we can't think of a better thing to happen to smelly old England than to be invaded by these beautiful babes.


You may remember Holly from our feature on her a while back, which you can check out by CLICKING HERE. Now times that foxy broad by 3 and even Einstein would struggle with the outcome.


We know what you're thinking. "I'd love to go to Ibiza and party on down with them!" Well guess what fellas? You can! Head on over to www.invasiontravel.com now and book your place on the holiday of a life time.


Want more of the Invasion Angels? Wanna see where their battle plan has them heading next? ARE YOU IN FACT A HOT FEISTY FEMALE YOURSELF AND WANT TO ENTER A COMPETITION TO JOIN THE RANKS OF THE INVASION ANGELS?!

If you answered yes to any of the above, head on over to their official Facebook page by CLICKING HERE, and get invaded all over your face. Lovely.


Written for www.maxim.com by Carl Jr


All produced track uploads to BounceSIN are fine and you will be able to upload

whole albums with no problems but if a 3 minute track is over 6Mb you may wish

to follow the instructions below to avoid any streaming issues. Many of the DJ's

getting their mixes onto BounceSIN will be looking to upload mixes in excess of

10 minutes and with a 20Mb upload limit you may be experiencing issues. To overcome

this issue and to make sure that your mixes play smoothly for anyone scouting

BounceSIN for talent, make sure your mix is saved in the following way:


Save as: .mp3 format 190 bitrate, this will minimise the size of the file without

losing any audible quality.


Do not drop below 190 bitrate as this will affect the audio quality but instead

splice your track into two if doing the above save format doesnt bring it below 20Mb.


If you have any further questions please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DJ Competition

Written by

Competition over - Congratulations to Spoo Hakki the new Sub-Loaded resident DJ - http://bit.ly/SpooHakki

DJ's Note: To upload your file make sure you save is as an .mp3 with a bitrate of 190 this will make it fit with no loss of audio quality! Good Luck! See BounceSIN Mixes for more compression info


The days may still be getting shorter but already it is time to think about next Summer. With international festivals becoming the big thing to do, it is now integral that you buy tickets and flights for next summers festivals around this time of year.  The big news is Hideout festival Croatia, last year was a massive success with headline acts Sven Vath and Marco Corola pounding the party holiday crouds with massive Bassline.  The line up was an all star team, and we expect the same this year.  The first set of acts is released TOMORROW and with that the first set of tickets will go on sale!  We hope you're as excited as we are so watch this space as BounceSIN bring you into the know on every major festival this summer!

- Chris


Are you ready for some Wednesday Mischief? Since the exit of Gatecrasher last year to much speculation as to its long awaited return as Club Bed.  With new Décor, Lighting, and Dj's this is a night that we would love to tell you all about but are as much in the dark as you are.  9th November is the Mischief Launch Party at Bed and all we know is that this Wednesday event has always been a blinder,  but the question is, how will it fair against the great small club Jager drinking fest' that is The Bomb - Faversham, and the Super Club extravaganza experience of I Love Wednesdays at Oceana.  Wednesday has never been an easy night to dominate, with every sports society in Leeds tearing up the City Centre the low price high energy competition puts this night through the roof every single week.

If you are thinking about hitting this launch party, The Bomb or Oceana with a group this Wednesday, get a hold of BounceSIN on Facebook and we will get you more exclusive deals than you even knew were possible.  9th Nov is a big one - not advised for those of a weak nature or a weak bladder!

- Chris

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