Free to tread Britain’s most famous cobbles once more, Michael Le Vell - real name Michael Turner - can finally shake off a rumoured pension for Jimmy Saville’s favourite past time. But how free can Kevin Webster truly be after been labelled a paedophile for two years?

It is known as the worst attack ever to occur on U.S. soil. Its image is gruesomely iconic. It has started wars and conflicts that have raged within the Middle East for the past twelve years, that shows no signs of ceasing. There have been memorials, films, TV programmes, documentaries and conspiracy theories depicting what really happened that day. On the 12th anniversary of 9/11, we remember all those who lost their lives when the planes hit the Twin Towers. What we don’t usually stop to think about, is the impact that 9/11 had upon the world, and the lives it affected as a result.  

Everyday criminals are locked up. We may feel safe and secure for a short while, but we forget that the key isn’t thrown away, and those criminals will someday be free and roaming the streets once again. Whether it’s from our televisions screens, cinemas or video games, we are presented with the image of the detective or the copper swooping in to save the day, collecting the evidence to send the bad guy to jail for a very long time. What we never see is the twenty years later; the not so happily ever after when the criminal is released.

In the past week, two shocking events have gripped Western Society . The first is Miley Cyrus and her gyrating derrière; the other, a the two year long civil war in Syria which has killed thousands and left hundreds of thousands as refugees. Who knew that twerking and chemical weapons could co-exist so peacefully? It’s difficult to say which has received more press attention: Twerking or chemical weapons of mass destruction. Overall, it appears twerking is the overall winner, in the confines of Twitter anyway. Well, at least we've got our priorities in order.

Canada has been hit by the unexpected news that they will have to pay an absolute fortune to book international artists. So what does this mean for the Canadian music scene and small businesses? 

Every so often there is something in the media world that will capture the attention of the internet and spew so much social commentary it’s as though the vomit scene from 'Bridesmaids' has been embodied into internet opinion. Miley Cyrus has recently hit the limelight for her new-found love to ‘twerk'; manifested prominently in her We Can’t Stop music video and recent performance at the VMA’s, in which Miley strutted around in heels and shiny underwear, shaking that. Consequently this has provoked numerous reactions from each end of the spectrum.  This commotion has found its way into my internet usage via a host of Youtube recommendations, endless tweets and Facebook statuses. Not to mention the comparison between her bum and a raw turkey. Yup.


And perhaps, so what? Miley may only be 20 but Rihanna was only 22 when she released Rude Boy. Christina Aguilera was only 22 when she released Dirrty, and Gaga has been dancing about in her bra and pants since the age of 22 as well. Pop music has focussed on sex for years, and whilst these singers have certainly received their share of judgement and criticism, Miley-twerk-gate seems to have been subject to a fiercer spate of criticism. And here’s why I agree.

Ibiza: party central and also the recent centre of attention as we uncover its drug trafficking secret.

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