It is a dangerous thing, 'us vs them' politics. The present government has been particularly reliant on this tactic in the face of widespread anxiety that support is being lost in favour of parties such as UKIP. The first debate to stem from this was the issue of those on welfare benefits. That argument is settled with the unfairness of the 'bedroom tax' acknowledged and the claim that £53 a week is more than enough. The debate has now turned to the new 'them', immigrants and in particular foreign students. Whilst in terms of welfare, Labour was quick to take a stand to support them, the tragic fact is that no major party is standing up for the rights of those who come to our country, leaving most of the population oblivious to the tragic effects of the harsh new policies being enacted.


So its back, and for the next few weeks we can choose to once again look on with our ever-judging eye; watching as celebrities we mostly likely do not recognise, immerse themselves in a life orientated around bugs, dirt, arguments and a competition for the individual who looks the fittest showering in the waterfall - herbal essences style. You can watch Carlton (apparently actually named Alfonso) - the 90s legend who spent his teenage years keeping Will Smith in check (huge amount of street cred there) - step out of his pressed pants and cashmere sweaters and into a green jumpsuit, crying about scorpions.

Over the last few years, the Greek population has been plunged into a climate of fear. Following a dubious political agenda, cuts in pensions and wages and Europe’s charitable bailouts, the country has been left in a state of chaos. Since 2010, Athens has witnessed continual protests, culminating in the 2012 street riots. The Greek capital is all too familiar with the sight of citizens running in fear, surrounded by tear gas and flames.

The Million Mask March. The November 5th March. The Day of Revolution March. Just a few of the names given to a yearly protest that takes place not only in England, but also across the world. Hundreds of countries around the globe have participated under the guise of Guy Fawkes’ face, made iconic from the well-known film, ‘V for Vendetta’. Despite the association of the film being recognised by many, what is being recognised about the motives that lie beneath the costumes of these masked revolutionaries?

Increasing numbers of students are taking 'smart drugs' such as Ritalin and Modafinil to help them with their concentration and studying, with busier schedules and pressure being blamed. 

Miscarrying a child is one of the most traumatic things that could ever happen to a woman, and now in the 21st century women are being told that it is their fault for the loss of their child and are also being punished.

As this horrendous weather hits,  as we wait in anticipation for these 80mph winds to do their worst thrashing us around here there and everywhere, it really it seems only appropriate (I am British after all) to have a wee discussion about the weather.

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