On the 26th June 2013, Michael Eavis was kind enough to let 130,000 drunk people have a big party in his back garden. I was fortunate enough to attend said party, more affectionately known as Glastonbury and needless to say it didn’t disappoint. In fact I couldn’t of had a better time if I won the 84 million pound roll over, bought several small islands in the Philippines and drank 40 magnums of Moet Champagne.


Since 'Fashionably Late' came out I have listened to it a few times and each and every time I listen to it I go through an emotional roller coaster, the likes of which I have never been through when listening to a new album. You may be asking: 'My God, is this album full of love ballads and deep thinking songs that question the meaning of life?' to which I would quite simply laugh in your face. All you need to do is give one quick glance at the lyrics that front man and former 'Escape The Fate' man Ronnie Radke has plucked out of thin air to show you exactly what I mean - my personal favourite being: 'A lil' bit of dirt mixed with the mud, a lil' bit of rock mixed with a thug.' (An honourable mention must go to the line 'I got that white boy swagger') To put it simply, this album is mental.

When I first got wind that Black Sabbath were back in the studio for the first time since 1995 I was sceptical of how much of a success it would be. '13' is the bands 19th studio album and I was concerned that the band would just wither away and release an album that was below the standard of the stuff they have done in the past. Now coming from a guy who doesn't like to be wrong that often, I will quite happily hold my hands up and say that I was SO wrong to worry about the British icons come back, for '13' is to an equally fantastic level as the 18 albums that came before it.

Damage is the eighth studio album by alternative rock four piece, Jimmy Eat World, a band who most probably held an existence in the soundtrack to much of your youth. It's been almost twenty years since the release of their self-titled début album and impressively they still have something to offer.

Now I know you are probably asking yourself: 'who are Dulcie May And The Mystery Cats?!' and don't worry, up until a few weeks ago I had no idea who they were myself. However, two weeks later and this band, based in the South East of England, have become one of the most adored local talents. The Garden of England has been keeping this little beauty of a band hidden for months now, and I will do all I can to get them some publicity, as I guarantee you that the sound this band makes is something quite unlike anything you have ever heard.

Settle was released today by an band that has caused quite a stir in the industry since its first appearance in 2011. Regardless of what your personal views are on Disclosure there is no disputing that the two fresh-faced brothers from Reigate have come pretty far, as they are currently the most popular dance music producers in the UK.

I have a special love interest in Rise Records. Since the creation of the record label in 1991 they have found huge talents such as Your Demise and Dance Gavin Dance. With Sleeping With Sirens they have seemingly done it again. They have unearthed a talent that are going to go onto big, big things in this world. The band's third full length album carries on the momentum of their last two while adding onto it with a more professional sound. This culminates in a mighty album that is only going to lift them higher into the musical stratosphere.

June is almost upon us again, and it feels like moments since we were last stretching out our festival legs and massaging our livers for what they had ahead of them.

With the Bigga Fish ‘Just Talent’ grand finale set to set to blow us away in London on May 26, BounceSIN caught up with finalist, Ricky Fleming. From Leeds, the 21 year old singer-songwriter can be currently found in the West Yorkshire area performing a number of different gigs, guitar in hand, hoping for that big break. We asked him a few questions to see if we see if we could find out a bit more about this young musician. 

30 Seconds to Mars’ new album Lust, Love, Faith, and Dreams is their first in four years, and it takes the listener on a journey into what can only be described as the eerie, self-reflexive, melancholic state of mind of lead-singer Jared Leto. Previously, he had stated that he wanted an album that ‘has ebb and flow and content and structure’, and the American trio have achieved just that. At the expense of subtlety, this is a concept album based on its very title; each of the four sections ‘Lust’, ‘Love’, ‘Faith’ and ‘Dreams’ are announced by a female voice at the end or beginning of various tracks, as we make our way through the album.

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