James Blunt is very similar to the common cold. He keeps on appearing every now and then. He isn't a pain in the arse, just a mere irritation that you could do without in your day-to-day life. Now, before you start shouting at me saying that I am just hating on the man because, very much like Coldplay, it is 'cool' to hate James Blunt. As a man he does seem like a very genuine and nice man to talk to, but his music is more drippy than the crappy tap in my kitchen. However, unlike the crappy tap in my kitchen, this problem can't be fixed by phoning up the landlady - because, very much like the common cold, the man just doesn't disappear.

WAIT! I know you’ve seen the four stars, but WAIT just a second before putting your headphones on and I’ll tell you why. Yes, Now, Then and Forever, like other albums, comes in online MP3, WAV and regular CD formats, BUT what they forgot to equip listeners with is a complimentary set of sub-woofers for a REAL Earth, Wind & Fire experience. This will blow you away.

With his number one album and this smash hit tour, one could say that Sir Tom Peter Odell has done his best to fill the shoes of Critics' Choice Award, a BRIT he earned earlier this year. One could also fear that the critics have made a mistake in that choice. Granted, Odell is a pony who has mastered his one trick to perfection. But how much patience do a live crowd have for a performance delivered by a shy boy hiding behind his piano?


Being a huge Arcade Fire fan, I’ve feel as though I have been kept waiting for their new album for far too long. But finally, three long years after ‘The Suburbs’ was released we have been given a hint of their fresh sound.

Jimi Hendrix. If those two words mean nothing to you, stop reading this and go and listen to his whole back catalogue.. seriously, go and do it now. This one man has been the influence of so many modern day musical talents that quite frankly, if you don’t know this man, then you need to re-think what you’re doing with your life. In case you haven’t released: I am a huge Hendrix fan. So, when I found out about the release of ‘Jimi Hendrix – Hear My Train A Comin’, you can guess that I was very, very excited. 4 November cannot come round quicker.

With Miley Cyrus getting naked and twerking her way through 2013, here's a look at some of the female artists a little more worthy of the world's attention for 2014...

With a healthy dollop of ‘do-da-doing’ and some seriously sugary choruses, for anyone above the age of fifteen, San Cisco’s new, self-titled album sounds like little more than an Okay Go meets Alphabeat hybrid. As a summer-time jam, released mid-October, it’s a bit of a confused attempt. However, the album does give us some glimpses of musical genius that would, and we can be hugely hopeful for a promising future.

Korn's importance to modern rock is something that I have always seen to be massively under-rated. Not only spawning an entire genre, but also being the soundtrack to a generation of kids that grew up between the dying out of grunge and the emergence of the internet. When you look at bands as a whole, Korn have to be one of the most influential bands to date. Name one of your favourite modern bands, and their members probably listened to Korn growing up. Korn made rock music 'cool' again, in a time before dance and pop music ruled. With their last album, 'The Path of Totality', Korn created a bridge between two contrasting genres; with their eleventh studio album 'The Paradigm Shift', Korn are evidently doing their best to make rock 'cool' once more.

I refuse to pretend that I wasn’t prancing around with the head of a mop, having a bit too much fun impersonating Eliza Doolittle, when the returning star’s opening track ‘Waste of Time’ came booming through my speakers. The fact that I didn’t stop when my housemate discovered my guilty pleasure is testament to just how incredible this album is. Within the first two records, Miss Doolittle’s thirteen-track album entitled ‘In Your Hands’, might well have you in the palm of hers. There is no excuse not to love this album. I don’t care if your name is Dave and you’re off to smash a few pints after a hard day of labouring… two minutes of this and you’ll be ready to...

Sub Focus freed the inhibitions of every raver packed inside the Radio One Dance tent at Leeds Festival this summer, leaving many of us living in high anticipation of this release. The soul behind Sub Focus is Nick Douwma, a gifted UK producer with an obvious amount of talent beneath a complex set of skills. 

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