Fresh off the back of supporting Counting Crows, Lucy Rose is off on another UK tour and, if her other performances are going to be anywhere near as good as her opening performance at Leeds’s Cockpit, boy are her fans in for a treat.

On arrival, it was clear that Kate Nash’s shift to the realm of stereotypical punk has been met with a colossal army of pre-pubescent female followers.

Within the intimate milieu of The Cockpit, the crowd was dominated by a sea of aspiring female teenage punk rockers with the explicit intention of hearing the latest work from Nash; her third album ‘Girl Talk’ manufactured through her own private record label: ‘Have 10p Records’.

As the summer begins to wake up lazily from its never-ending sleep, stretching its arms to slowly banish the winter’s cold and grey clouds, Fossil Collective’s debut Tell Where I Lie acts as an ideal aid to the challenging and confusing transition period. 'What is this change in temperature?', I hear you say, is this what they call warm? Yes, this is warm, that is the sun, and here is some really lovely chilled-out acoustic music to ease you into this brave new world and help with unwanted withdrawal symptoms.

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With the release of his new album, charting the explosive single in collaboration with Wretch 32 last summer, and a vocal ability that’s been compared to a young Gnarles Barkley, Josh Kumra is the one to watch.


Beyoncé, an iconic superstar inducing quivers of envy, admiration and strength into young girls all over the world. So it is even more bizarre why she thought, 'You know what, I'm not quite Lady Gaga enough, time to 'bajazzle' my boobs!'

You only have to listen to one track by the Leisure Society to discover how meticulous, precise and note perfect this band is; they are the definition of musical OCD. Currently on their UK tour celebrating the release of their album ‘Alone Aboard the Ark’, The Leisure Society tackled Leeds on a Sunday evening and their venue of choice was the hidden musical gem that is the Brudenell Social Club.

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Writing for BounceSIN has been fun, it's wonderful getting my stuff posted online as I'm sure it will help for the future. However, one thing that I haven't been able to do since joining the writing team is do a bad review; I am a natural musical dick that is surprisingly hard to please. Basically, I love writing bad reviews - they are fun. Bit of background for my love affair of Killswitch Engage is needed for my next point: I loved all their old stuff with original vocalist Jesse Leach from 1999. Then he left and this dude called Howard Jones started shouting and singing and, in my eyes, ruined the band. Since Jones's debut in 2004 I have hated the band, and ever since I heard they were making a new album I have been looking forward to it because I would be able to rip it to shreds. But then something happened... Jesse Leach came back! And alas, my drought of writing bad reviews for this website carries on, because this is their best album yet and I am wonderfully surprised by that fact.

You may know Walk Off The Earth from their YouTube hits, but YouTube virility is a bitter-sweet phenomenon. If you want to get famous (and quick), there simply isn’t a better catalyst than YouTube.  When a video is a hit, your average Joe can turn into a global super-star overnight. However, when millions upon millions of people associate you with a video, essentially boiling down your entire life experience into a two minute clip, it’s hard to be seen for anything else. For instance, did you know the baby from Charlie Bit My Finger is a talented boxer? Or that Chris Crocker, lady-like creator of Leave Britney Alone, was awarded the Rumford medal for his extensive research on the fixed lines of the solar spectrum? Perhaps most tragic of all was the double suicide committed by the Baby Monkey and Pig duo who were driven insane by the incessant references to their video.

Originating from the bright lights of Las Vegas Nevada, Imagine Dragons’ first and eagerly anticipated album provides a sound which, unfortunately, is best suited as background music in a poorly furnished waiting-room.

There is always a tricky moment when a band releases a mind blowing album; the moment that everyone expects the follow up album to be on the same level of brilliance. This is what Bring Me The Horizon had to cope with when it came to their newest album Sempiternal. With the album before it, 'There Is A Hell...' the boys from up North truly became men, their sound had evolved to such a level they had made that shift from angry kids who shouted at everything to having a method of control and maturity with their work. Needless to say, the follow up album had to be something massive to live up to the expectations of a British scream band truly coming to age.

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