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Christopher Clarke

Hey, Chris here! Welcome to Where are you going tonight?

After one of the best years since records began in 1993, the Radio One Essential Mix competition has finally come to end, make sure you check them all out on the Radio 1 Essential Mix Page.

It all came down to:

We've all seen Easy A, Zombieland and Superbad and been intrigued by the gorgeous female lead, well here she is! Emma Stone and her 15 best pictures as written by Paul Tassi.

Yes, it’s one of those days again. I have no other reason for posting this gallery of Emma Stone other than she’s pretty and I like her as an actress. If you agree with both those statements, you’ll probably like this photo set as well.

Welcome to the competition sections, check back regularly to make sure you don't miss any of our great competitions


The days may still be getting shorter but already it is time to think about next Summer. With international festivals becoming the big thing to do, it is now integral that you buy tickets and flights for next summers festivals around this time of year.  The big news is Hideout festival Croatia, last year was a massive success with headline acts Sven Vath and Marco Corola pounding the party holiday crouds with massive Bassline.  The line up was an all star team, and we expect the same this year.  The first set of acts is released TOMORROW and with that the first set of tickets will go on sale!  We hope you're as excited as we are so watch this space as BounceSIN bring you into the know on every major festival this summer!

- Chris


Are you ready for some Wednesday Mischief? Since the exit of Gatecrasher last year to much speculation as to its long awaited return as Club Bed.  With new Décor, Lighting, and Dj's this is a night that we would love to tell you all about but are as much in the dark as you are.  9th November is the Mischief Launch Party at Bed and all we know is that this Wednesday event has always been a blinder,  but the question is, how will it fair against the great small club Jager drinking fest' that is The Bomb - Faversham, and the Super Club extravaganza experience of I Love Wednesdays at Oceana.  Wednesday has never been an easy night to dominate, with every sports society in Leeds tearing up the City Centre the low price high energy competition puts this night through the roof every single week.

If you are thinking about hitting this launch party, The Bomb or Oceana with a group this Wednesday, get a hold of BounceSIN on Facebook and we will get you more exclusive deals than you even knew were possible.  9th Nov is a big one - not advised for those of a weak nature or a weak bladder!

- Chris

Firstly, welcome to the new site! We hope you and all your friends like it and take full advantage of the vast amount of features we can now offer. Some of our favourites are:  


The music section that allows you to upload your tracks with the potential to securing a record contract. The finer details of this are still being negotiated but you will be the first to know when it is. So why not get your sets/songs up today to be at the front of the queue? This one is not one to be missed!


The Community section allows you to link in with everything that is going on in the Bouncesin world, from holidays to nights out, make sure you don't miss a single thing.



WE WANT YOU! Yes, we need more staff than even before to work as part of the BounceSIN team. So if you are enthusiatic, love events and a good night out then we could have a perfect positions for you on our new jobs section. New jobs become available all the time for various companies so make sure you regualry check out what is going on.


There is much more to come so watch this space and we will drag you kicking and screaming through some of the best times of your life.


Much Love


The BounceSIN Team


Every Wednesday make sure you don't forget about 'The Bomb' at the Faversham, it is the only club in Leeds that will give you cheap deals on every type of 'Bomb' from JagerBombs to AbsintheBombs they WILL be there and they WILL be cheap.  This is definitely a night that you must check out as it never fails to pack out and will keep you dancing all night.


Where do I start?
If you've come looking for what nights are going on then 'Events' is your first stop.  This page will show you a list of everything going on and you can easily navigate to any date using the convenient Sinful Nights calendar.  Certain nights will offer a guestlist opportunity which you can easily get yourselves on by logging in and clicking the attend button in the top right of every event. The holidays section will tell you about all of the available national and international student holidays coming up and give you options to get one of the limited tickets for each of these events.
If you've come along to find out whats going on in the events world then you may want to check out the news section first.  This section will tell you all about holidays, festivals, music and fun stuff going on in the world of events and parties.
If you've had your photo taken and you want to see your photos from that night then you want to check out 'Past Events'.  You can get here by hovering over events then clicking on Past Events, if the event was a while back you can jump straight to it using the Events Calendar. When you find the event you were photographed at click on it and roll down to the photos near the bottom, if you like them, you should tag your mates in them or share them on Facebook.
If you've come along just to have a look around we recommend you set yourself up with a profile so you can start building up a reputation in the world of BounceSIN and give feedback to affect real changes within the clubbing world.  You can meet people who are regularly attending similar events and build up groups of friends from holidays, festivals and nights out.  Setting up a profile has never been easier.  Click on register in the top left hand corner and if you have Facebook click 'sign up using Facebook' to automatically create yourself a profile in seconds.  If you are one of the remaining few who have not become part of the social network pandemic then quickly fill out a few basic details about yourself to get going immediately.
We feel obliged at this stage to take the time to explain to you that we will NOT spam you at any time EVER.  You are becoming one of our valued team and we are not a website that abuses that responsibility.  I have been asked on a few occasions now, what is meant by the disclaimers when you 'Sign in with Facebook':
By logging in using Facebook, you are using Facebook's simplified process that stops the requirement of entering your basic information for every new social website. The Facebook login system was set up BY FACEBOOK to make it easier for its members to continue their social networking on other approved websites, and BounceSIN has had to pass Facebook's privacy policiies to be allowed the Facebook login status. We hope this puts your mind at ease and that you can now browse BounceSIN with peace of mind.  If you would like to learn more about Facebook Connect then please refer to:
We want you to tell us what you would like to see us changing so get involved in the forums to get your voice heard.  We will always take advice and suggestions very seriously and for the best ideas we will always reward our members for helping out.
So what you waiting for, go to the 'community' link and get logged in :)!?
Big love
The BounceSIN team


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