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Once again Monday has come around and everyone is wondering wtf happened to the weekend.For those who made it to Hospitality at O2 Leeds on Friday, you know exactly what happened to the weekend…

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Nick Harris, boss of the legendary NRK label, tells Mixmag how he got into DJing:

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We all know the feeling of having work to do, the feeling that makes you started browsing your phonebook and flicking through TV channels.  It’s that time of year again and Leeds is undergoing the highest levels of Procrastination since January the 2nd!


Procrastination has been crippling the world’s productivity since the first caveman started drawing on walls to avoid chasing down a Mammoth for dinner. In many cases people will not only indulge un-enjoyable activities, but will often do something that is seriously detrimental to their wellbeing.  The question I'm asking today is just how far will people go to avoid doing their work at this time of year?


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1. Login to BounceSIN

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The competition will then judge which Music has gained the best response from the public.  The gig will be organised and you will be interviewed for various News sections as well as photographed for publicity.  Event flyers will be designed with your band name on and will be printed and distributed for you.  


Final competition details will be announced shortly, but to enter the competition now, get yourself onto the Music section.

Good Luck

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As we mentioned, Cypress Hill and Rusko have teamed up to record a five-track EP due for release later this month, and the pairing have been speaking together for the first time prior to the record's release.


Dimensions festival has arrive to the shores of Croatia, probably the most beautiful country in Europe. Outside of UK of course...  Dimensions is the illegitimate sister festival of Outlook festival and many people are saying this is the new Outlook but some are saying that nothing will ever outshine the 'origional croatia festival'. Check out the line ups and make your choice, but if you can handle it... we're going both!


Wow! Here it is, Outlook festival is back again, the 'Origional Croatia Festival'.  With its illegitamate sister festival Dimentions coming out the woodworks in a big way for 2012 we don't even know where to look.  For those of you who can't face two weeks of some of the sickest 'abroad festival' experiences in the infamous Fort Punta Christo available you've got a difficult decision ahead of you.  BounceSIN will give you the info then its in your court.

Leeds Festival is back again, with one of the best line ups we've seen, if you're a Leeds Festival veteran then or a real treat this year.

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