Suziee Cassels

Suziee Cassels

19 year old Newcastle University student

Don’t get me wrong, in no way do I take the form of one of those self-righteous, upper class students who think that quite frankly their opinion is of the highest regard because they’re a student of a prestigious university - blah blah blah. No, but I do think the way students can be treated is degrading and unfair.

Living through the third year lull?

If you have graduated or are in third year now you may know of the feeling of the third year lull, the initial excitement of starting back at University, or Christmas have faded into the all too distant past, leaving us instead to live in a reality of declined job applications, a never ending dissertation to slog away at and not forgetting the rapidly decreasing amount of nights out. But instead of sitting on the sofa sulking, emerging yourself in the ultimate lows of television viewing to avoid your own depressing reality, why not give some of these excellent free indoor activities ago to awaken your inner fresher that is dying to come and introduce themselves once again.

It’s a word with many meanings, many uses. Yet it’s importance and use is greatly overlooked and ignored. Agency is a powerful weapon, and when used correctly it can make a major impact.

So its back, and for the next few weeks we can choose to once again look on with our ever-judging eye; watching as celebrities we mostly likely do not recognise, immerse themselves in a life orientated around bugs, dirt, arguments and a competition for the individual who looks the fittest showering in the waterfall - herbal essences style. You can watch Carlton (apparently actually named Alfonso) - the 90s legend who spent his teenage years keeping Will Smith in check (huge amount of street cred there) - step out of his pressed pants and cashmere sweaters and into a green jumpsuit, crying about scorpions.


If there is one question we all need a legitimate answer to stop bickering as the woolly socks, mittens and knitted hats come out to play, it is definitely: when is it officially Christmas time? There is no question more controversial, no debate more heated. Someone please tell us when, write it down on the calendar … CHRISTMAS BEGINS. They do it with summer, so why not Christmas? We are all very fed up of the Christmas song whiners that grumble and groan every time you enter a shop and hear a chorus of ‘well I wish it could be Christmas every day, when the kids start singing and the band begins to play', emitting complaints such as it “eghhh it’s too early” and “stop it, it’s not even December yet”.

As this horrendous weather hits,  as we wait in anticipation for these 80mph winds to do their worst thrashing us around here there and everywhere, it really it seems only appropriate (I am British after all) to have a wee discussion about the weather.

Without sounding like a somewhat grumpy middle-aged women, it seems in today’s society intelligence is significantly underrated (specifically in we young folk). Once, intelligence was key; a man who knew his Jane Eyre and enjoyed nothing more than a good debate about he theories of Darwin and creationism. Back in the day intelligence was first and foremost on the MUST list when mothers and daughters began the search for a potential mate.


Let's be honest for a second here. We may, from time to time, get annoyed at the many stereotypes adults seem to throw at us students - calling us lazy and cheap, among other stuff. But really, we all bond over certain things. So, here's just a few so you know you're not alone out there.

An issue which I would much rather label as a disease, has recently taken over my life. No dramatization here. I suffer from FOMO. For those of you who have luckily missed this phenomenon, it means 'Fear of Missing Out', and boy does it ruin lives. Described in the most reliable of sources - the urban dictionary - as: 'the fear that if you miss a party or event you will miss out on something great.'

Everyday criminals are locked up. We may feel safe and secure for a short while, but we forget that the key isn’t thrown away, and those criminals will someday be free and roaming the streets once again. Whether it’s from our televisions screens, cinemas or video games, we are presented with the image of the detective or the copper swooping in to save the day, collecting the evidence to send the bad guy to jail for a very long time. What we never see is the twenty years later; the not so happily ever after when the criminal is released.

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