Jonathan Hand

Jonathan Hand

I am currently a student at the University of Leeds attempting to obtain a degree in Communications. I am originally from Manchester; I like to think that my accent isn't too northern despite being told otherwise. I pretty much fulfill most of the sterotypes surrounding a student from the poor drinking habits to a silly haircut.

On arrival, it was clear that Kate Nash’s shift to the realm of stereotypical punk has been met with a colossal army of pre-pubescent female followers.

Within the intimate milieu of The Cockpit, the crowd was dominated by a sea of aspiring female teenage punk rockers with the explicit intention of hearing the latest work from Nash; her third album ‘Girl Talk’ manufactured through her own private record label: ‘Have 10p Records’.

Originating from the bright lights of Las Vegas Nevada, Imagine Dragons’ first and eagerly anticipated album provides a sound which, unfortunately, is best suited as background music in a poorly furnished waiting-room.

Upon returning to my second year of university after a hedonistic and overall jovial summer, I optimistically expected my new student home to possess more socially acceptable living conditions than my first year experience in a dilapidated, asylum-esque halls of residence. I will quickly elaborate why this was not the case.

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