Stephanie Skarbek

Stephanie Skarbek

I'm in my second year studying English Literature and Language at Leeds. In my spare time, which I never seem to have a lot of, I like to draw, play the drums and watch Korean films. I also write short stories, and spend my time investing in comic books and cheap clothing on ebay!

It’s been six years since three-year-old Madeline McCann went missing from her villa in Praia de Luz - six years ago in May. Nonetheless, the hunt for this little girl continues and this week we’re faced with the digitalised image of a man Portuguese police say they want to find in relation to Madeline’s disappearance. But when we look into the deadened eyes of this man and rack our brains to six years ago, how far have we come to acknowledge our active involvement within a dark and relentless media circus?

With a healthy dollop of ‘do-da-doing’ and some seriously sugary choruses, for anyone above the age of fifteen, San Cisco’s new, self-titled album sounds like little more than an Okay Go meets Alphabeat hybrid. As a summer-time jam, released mid-October, it’s a bit of a confused attempt. However, the album does give us some glimpses of musical genius that would, and we can be hugely hopeful for a promising future.

It may shock you to know that far out in the Pacific Ocean, in an area once known as the doldrums, mankind has created a new kind of monument to modern society. Known as 'The Great Garbage Patch', this huge marine soup floats across an expanse that is said to be twice the size of France, and it's main ingredient is plastic. For years scientists have been labouring over a solution to clean up the world's largest pond, but would have thought it would take just one 19-year old boy to solve the problem?

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With the release of his new album, charting the explosive single in collaboration with Wretch 32 last summer, and a vocal ability that’s been compared to a young Gnarles Barkley, Josh Kumra is the one to watch.


Despite her role as the handmaiden of the recent British folk-pop revival, Laura Marling’s third album still seems to mystify and estrange. If you’re hoping for answers to the world of Laura Marling in this album, you’ll be disappointed. In the “keep them questioning” spirit of Bob Dylan, the album seems tantalizingly inscrutable and sometimes even frustratingly distant.

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