Emma Phimister

Emma Phimister

20 year old Student from Leeds. Currently studying Drama at Hull Uni.

Canada has been hit by the unexpected news that they will have to pay an absolute fortune to book international artists. So what does this mean for the Canadian music scene and small businesses? 

As festival season rolls around to a close, here is our guide to some of the more spectacular festivals that you may have never heard of (and that you should probably get on the early-planning list for next year!)..

Ibiza: party central and also the recent centre of attention as we uncover its drug trafficking secret.

Tennis has taken Britain by storm this year and this is why I wont be jumping on the band wagon....

The streets of London were once sprayed with the art of controversial graffiti artist Banksy;  an anonymous celebrity, his work was political and, quite frankly, genius. But there is a new artist that threatens his title.

It seems as if Channel 4 are running out of fresh ideas, as they launch their new documentary Gogglebox.

The 21st century has certainly been a cracker already: we’ve had scandals, weddings, breakthroughs… But, for me, this century has been about one thing.  The Internet. Everything and everyone is on the internet nowadays; the online world is your oyster, and anything goes.

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