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Tim McGlashan

Director and Senior Music Critic for BounceSIN.com and a Graduate in Business Management from Leeds Metropolitan University. MASSIVE MUSIC JUNKIE!http://mytymemusic.tumblr.com

If I was to say to you 'Henry Parker's music is as fantastically addictive as the likes of Page, Clapton and Dylan's, then you would probably roll back your eyes and say something along the lines of 'How dare you compare an artist to such un-touchable greats?!'. That is until I thrust his new single 'Red Fox' under your nose, where I would sit and watch you eat your words quicker than Usain Bolt running the 100m.

Do you sing in your car/shower/bedroom and think you have what it takes to make it as a Star? Well this will be right up your street! 

Open Mic UK is back for another year and promises to thrust another 'Soon to be Star' right down your lug'oles! 


Do you Listen to Radio 1? Familiar with the name Scott Mills? If the answer is yes to both of these questions then you will probably know of Scott’s co presenter; Chris Stark. Chris took the internet by storm when he interviewed super star Mila Kunis and invited her to a Watford FC football game! We chatted to him to find out a bit more about the man himself and what it’s like to work at Radio 1! 

With Children in Need quickly approaching, it's that time of year where we generously give some of our hard earned money to charity to help those less fortunate, and to make ourselves feel like we are doing a 'good deed'. Events like this and others such as Comic Relief do a great job in raising a considerable amount of money to help the causes they represent, both in the UK and abroad; however, does our money really reach the places we are lead to believe?


Having visited Kenya a couple of months ago and visiting Kibera, Africa's biggest slum, I am definitely sceptical.


A band playing to 7000 fans in the centre of Leeds is a pretty big deal and the 5th May saw the Vaccines step up to the mark. With the majority of music fans in Leeds nursing their Live at Leeds hangover from the day before whilst being drenched in sunlight during the day (soon to be urine), all of the elements were in place for this gig to be special to say the least.


The meticulously created melodies this band produces are so dreamy yet dramatic that you’re captivated from the first line. The bearded faces of the fossil collective took their tour home to Leeds on the 26th April to play to a practically sell-out crowd at the Brudenell Social Club supported by the fantastic sounds of Joe Banfi and Thomas J Speight.

Fresh off the back of supporting Counting Crows, Lucy Rose is off on another UK tour and, if her other performances are going to be anywhere near as good as her opening performance at Leeds’s Cockpit, boy are her fans in for a treat.

You only have to listen to one track by the Leisure Society to discover how meticulous, precise and note perfect this band is; they are the definition of musical OCD. Currently on their UK tour celebrating the release of their album ‘Alone Aboard the Ark’, The Leisure Society tackled Leeds on a Sunday evening and their venue of choice was the hidden musical gem that is the Brudenell Social Club.

BounceSIN Music Reviews

If you haven’t heard of Birmingham quartet Peace then you have probably been under a rock stuffing moss in your ears for the past 3 months. They have blasted on to the UK scene since being nominated for the BBC’s sound of 2013 poll and securing the opening slot for the NME tour alongside the likes of Palma Violets, Miles Kane and Django Django, where they certainly made their mark.

BounceSIN Music Reviews

Let’s be honest, there are few people that have never heard of Ska-Punk Rockers, Reel Big Fish. They are legends in the music world and, in BounceSIN’s opinion, very much head the happy-go-lucky gang of Ska bands. So when the opportunity arose to see them play at Leeds Metropolitan University, we weren't going to miss it for anything.

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