oscar gregg

oscar gregg

I'm a recent graduate of the University of Manchester, who loves travel, sports, writing and socialising. I'm interested in film, literature, history, current affairs and love to experience new cultures and new people. I have travelled to South America, Hitch-hiked to Morocco, and been to a variety if festivals both in England and abroad. Currently I am trying my hand at journalism, and plan to take my travels to America in the near future! As a person I'm easy going and fun to be around, I have a good sense of humour and don't take myself too seriously.

Hip-Hop, along with its close cousins RnB and Gangsta Rap is all over our radio stations, television sets and clubs; its stars are household names and its culture and fashion is now inextricably linked with our own. Whether it’s Lil’ Wayne, Eminem or Jay-Z, hip-hop stars dominate our world. But as we buy their albums, wear their clothes and attend their shows, are we listening to their lyrics? Or simply turning a blind eye.

With close to a billion people using Facebook regularly across the globe, there is no doubting the incredible impact of the social networking site worldwide. We use it to share photos, keep in contact, plan events and develop our businesses, but are we really better off?

We all hate snobs. You can picture that annoying person scowling at certain music or eating establishments. Snobs are vain, overly-informed creatures who worship luxury and refuse to get their hands dirty. They waffle on to anyone who will listen about a certain vintage of wine or a particular line of clothing. We all know the type. But consider for a moment what it means to be a snob.

We all go on them. Many of us several times a week. But do we know what makes a good night out? Surely, the answer is obvious: plenty of friends, plenty of booze, plenty of music. If there’s money in your pocket and nothing to do the day after you’re sorted, right? Not necessarily. In my humble experience, often the biggest bashes are the least entertaining. The more people there are crammed into a room, the harder it is to have a proper conversation, and the less chance there is of actually having somewhere to sit or stand comfortably. Perching on the arm of a sofa wondering whether to partake in the conversation to your left or introduce yourself to the people on your right isn’t actually much fun. As exciting as it is to be in a large group, numbers alone don’t signify a good night.

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