Jack Cowell

Jack Cowell

People will always look after their own. This has never rang truer of an institution than the Police. The unfolding of the story of the Police officer spectacularly cleared of all charges after being recorded racially and another violently abusing a detainee has made this blindingly clear for all to see.

The front pages are still male dominated and sexist (Guardian, 15.10.12). Quite the statement. The article, as its name indicates, is a supposed expose on the broadsheet, quality and popular British press, claiming that they exhibit largely uniform and in some cases striking sexual discriminatory habits. Indeed the report does seem to show that this is correct. The results are interesting, but not surprising.

Let’s get down in writing thoughts on the apology, to all those whom he has wronged during the incumbent coalition, issued by Nick Clegg. The apology itself has been a long time coming, albeit perhaps for a little too long for it to even mean anything. The concept of an elected mandate being entirely disregarded once in power has always been rather unthinkable in democratic politics.

Finally, we break the worst taboo.

Over the coming weeks, Channel 4 is to screen two programmes called Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial. There will be two 1 hour long programmes which will see volunteers take MDMA, and the effects monitored. Following the experiment, a panel debate will begin, potentially in the second programme. Not only the immediate effects, but also the effects of the come-down on our behaviour the days following the experiment will also be monitored.

Homelessness is an enduring and chronic disease.

Squatting could now become a criminal offence, giving those who impugn the law a criminal record, up to 6 months in prison, a £5000 fine, or all of the above. It would appear that this law too has been a swift decision, and as it germinates the consequences will be horrific to many homeless people in the UK who have little other option but to break it. These sick bastards are doing all they can to drive these people over the edge. Anyone who’s walked home through Leeds at half 4 knows that hell hath no fury like a tramp who’s bored and full of White Lightning.

Are you not sick of people quoting Thomas Hardy and Shakespeare, as if you should somehow be in awe of what they produced? The ridiculous attachment to antiquated art as though it were still the most intellectually rewarding; sort of superior, is one of the things that winds me up most in a day. You are aware of the attitude I’m trying to describe which certain people have; we’ve all met wan***s like this:

“Oh, you didn’t enjoy my rendition of Hungarian Rhapsody? Poor chap, if only your brain could comprehend the capabilities of mine. Woe, woe and thrice woe”.

In Response to Ben Johnson's Article

Based on this article, I found it oddly frustrating. I am acutely aware that I can be quite highly strung about music; instances tend to escalate, friends are lost, and I like to think I have learned from these experiences. Yet in this case, I struggled to keep the pressure gauge low, and so decided to let out the bulk of my vehement annoyance by writing a response.

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