Ellie Golder is a trained philosopher and semi-professional vagabondette with a talent for caprice. She has been writing down her rants, raves and traveller’s tales for years. She has contributed to several publications, online and in print. Her main likes include; rare accents, getting lost, whales and pastel colours. Dislikes; sensible shoes.Tell her anything at ellie.golder@googlemail.com

Fashion is fraught with moral ambiguity: do I buy this and support child slavery? Do I dress green enough? Can I bear to decorate myself with fluffy woodland critters? Or how is my choice of dress undermining female emancipation? You would be hard pushed to find yourself a modern day Greer, championing menstrual blood tasting fun. But the truth is, we know it’s wrong to let ourselves be objectified; we’ll admit it when confronted with the wagging finger of the fossilised bra- burner, like that of a fanatical, celibate aunt. We are not dolls. All that preening and plucking is an irritating compulsion. High heels and oversized bags are physically damaging, and their effects linger far beyond the young insouciance that would prompt you to ignore them, into old age where hunchbacks and zimmer-frames are all that remain as testaments to your fashion sense.

What if I told you that perhaps you’re not the gender you think you are?

Now firstly, we must not confuse gender with sex- that is a rookie mistake. Of course you are born with either male or female equipment (or sometimes both...congratulations!). However, ‘gender’ here refers solely to a set of character traits and learned behaviours that are categorised as either male or female. So the question I really want to put to you is this; does sex dictate gender? 

 - By Ellie Golder

It is widely accepted that this is the age of instant gratification- our entertainments are now constantly at our fingertips. You don’t even need to make the trip to your local cinema for the newest releases, you can order food from your favourite restaurant to your home... In fact, every activity that used to entice us out of our houses has been upscaled and upgraded, but for one: ‘CLUBBING’. Students especially are no strangers to the appeal of the club, which persists in appeasing a primeval urge that, apparently, has not changed in thousands of years. When putting down into words what actually goes on in these places it’s all mildly threatening and wildly bewildering. So what is it in us that cannot and does not move past finding enjoyment in them, which for our generation is no mean feat?

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