Philippa Barnes

Philippa Barnes

Aspiring journalist for BounceSin, currently stumbling through life in Leeds. Likes reading, dancing and sangria - but not the hangover.

If your standard Saturday night involves sitting on the sofas at Oceana, listening to ‘Call Me Maybe’ and trying not to spill your expensive cocktail, prepare for it to be blasted out the water by your new favourite night out. Say hello to Propaganda: the biggest Indie night in the UK.

According to the NHS, over 20,000 people were admitted to hospital last year with alcohol poisoning, but were drinking games the cause? After all that Olympic hype, let us not forget the games that happen every night of the week, where anyone can be an Olympian. The drinking games. Drive, perseverance, ambition, stamina…these are all necessary traits to be successful in your next round of Twenty-One.

While Samantha Brick celebrates her good looks, I am celebrating the joys of being average.

After realising that even in the safe haven of Facebook, you still can’t avoid Twitter, I thought it was about time to spread my social media wings and fly the online nest. Yes, it’s official I am now a hard boiled Tweeter.

However, it’s a few weeks in, and I’m struggling to see what the hype is about. Why exactly do I need to know that Holly Willoughby is wearing odd socks or Zac Efron is watching ‘Camp Rock’ again?

Having been the drummers for two of the biggest indie rock and roll bands in the past decade, Babyshambles and The Libertines, Adam Ficek and Gary Powell chat to us about bandmates, break-ups and Morrissey….

Is Sex and the City just another stereotype of women loving handbags more than themselves?

Since 1998 our screens have been plagued by the likes of Carrie Bradshaw, a woman on a mission to find herself a man, and the perfect pair of Jimmy Choos to boot. But is this a dangerous ideal of the modern woman? In the very much real life of a student like myself, lipstick and pretty dresses often cross my mind, but they are certainly not top priority. Exams, deadlines and major career choices feature much more heavily on the bill than major wardrobe choices.

As we pulled out of the driveway, I began to wonder ‘what have I let myself in for?’ A two week holiday, in a campervan, with the parents. A  sure-fire recipe for holiday disaster right? As it turns out, maybe not. Over the summer, Facebook has been inundated with photos of mad nights in Magaluf fuelled by Sex on the Beach and actual sex on the beach, but surprisingly I’m not at all jealous. Throughout summer, cheap resorts like Malaga are swarming with groups of students with matching t-shirts and sunburns as they head to the beaches to catch some rays and have a good time with their mates. For miles around, the smell of alcohol lingers as students demolish the bar in the hopes of making the most of the unlimited drinks included in their package deal. You can’t deny that this type of holiday looks fun, but holidaying with the ‘rents certainly has its perks.

A bit strapped for cash? Still NEED that new dress/Iphone/onesie/exercise bike? From time to time, we all feel the nibble of the commercialism bug biting away, often resulting in an enormous hole appearing in your bank account. So when the letters HMV or H&M bring a tear to your eye, where do you turn in these times of need? Ebay.

Since Pierre Omidyar started up Ebay in 1995, it’s been the go-to place for cheaper than cheap merchandise and the weird and wonderful stuff you can’t get in the shops. Nowadays it’s the perfect place for your average student to buy all the non-essential things in life without breaking the bank. From the comfort of your own computer screen you are able to satisfy those cravings for new stuff without raiding Topshop and making scorch marks on your Debit card.

Even though lectures and exams finished back in May, it finally feels like the end of the semester; textbooks are being packed into boxes with sighs of relief, student houses are emptying and the recycling bins are filling up with empty cans from that results day celebration/commiseration party. But one thinks of what they will remember most about this year; the crazy fancy dress, nights out, mornings in, friends and random in-jokes. When I look back on my life, I’m pretty sure these are the things I’m going to reminisce over when I’m old with a cup of tea and a digestive in hand. All this nostalgia has got me thinking though, at the end of the decade we call ‘the teenies’ what are we going to remember when it comes to a close?

When Harry Met Sally, Titanic, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Amelie, Notting Hill –what do they all have in common? A beautiful love story, that is utterly unattainable in the real world. Maybe DVDs should have a warning splashed across the back; ‘warning – may ruin your love-life’ because although they’re certainly entertaining, you can’t help feeling that the romantic gestures and perfect happily-ever-after endings in these films create a warped idea of how a relationship should be.

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