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Frances Clarke

I love to write about stuff that I think is important for people to hear.

First it was Harry’s crown jewels plastered across the internet. Now it’s lovely, sweet Kate’s turn with topless images that are emblazoned across the tabloids. But the sad truth is that whenever the news story has come onto our screens, the majority of people will be secretly wishing for a glimpse of the scandalous snapshots.

Ginger-dreadlocked guitar wizard, Newton Faulkner, is back with his third album after a life changing three years. gets an intimate insight into his creative world.

Avenue Q is an adult puppet musical. Not everyone’s cup of tea I’m sure, but if you stumble across some of the music you’ll soon realise that it hits onto some pretty controversial topics. Some of its most popular songs include, ‘If You Were Gay’‘The Internet Is For Porn’ and ‘Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist’. It is a masterpiece of a musical, which outgrows The Muppets in the same way The Muppets grows up from Sesame Street. With the same ridiculous voices used for the characters, it is clear to see that the message is to highlight the fact that all those rose-tinted views about life we are taught as children are far from the truth of adulthood.

'ABORTION' IS A SHATTERING AND DEVASTATING WORD TO EVERYONE WHO ENCOUNTERS IT. Potential mothers (and fathers) who are forced into the demoralising decision to abort their unborn child will still grieve and weep when the small bump has gone, when the morning sickness no longer prevails, when the monthly bleeding returns and when life goes on as though their baby never existed.

It is somewhat depressing how so soon after the Olympics have finished, people are switching on their televisions to find there is nothing better to watch than the depressing classic of British daytime TV, The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Controversy has hit the post offices of Britain as the Paralympics’ Gold-Medallists are told that they must share a stamp, rather than have individual ones like those of the Olympics’ golden athletes.This of course has sparked instant fury across the country as twitter is set on fire by the ranting and raving British public.

We are 67 years on and yet the agony of the atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki still seer through everybody’s hearts. On 6th August 1945, as World War II was drawing its final, terrible breaths, US Colonel Paul Tibbets took off in the aircraft Enola Gay, named after his mother Enola Gay Tibbets, to become the first pilot to drop a cataclysmic atomic bomb. The effect of this momentous instant has left deep scars in the history of humanity, with the death toll of the two bombings possibly totalling 200,000 innocent souls.

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I have returned home and I am alive-ish. Apart from the fact that my body feels as though it will never quite wake up what with my poor body clock slowly trying to wind itself back up again, and the numerous bruises and dodgy tan lines across my skin (somehow I managed to get a perfect white handprint on the back of my calf...) meaning the mirror laughs at me every morning and evening when I get myself dressed/undressed. But I suppose that’s the point, Magaluf is a training ground putting our bodies to the absolute limit, seeing how far we can push them. The Strip is an assault course rivalling the military training at Sandhurst. Yes it hurts, but when you arrive out the other end, each scrape and injury adds to the pride in knowing that you have at least made it to the finish line.

The holiday is booked, Magaluf here I come! That’s right people, four of my best girl friends and I are heading for a wild weeks break in one of the most popular party destinations known to students. The excitement of one of these holidays comes from the prospect of complete freedom, and a chance to have fun without our parent’s omnipresent powers looming over us. It is safe to say that after having watched an episode of the BBC programme ‘Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents’ based in Magaluf, I had absolutely no sympathy for the parents but found myself totally mortified for their children.

The Olympics are on their way, and it is an exciting time to be British – apparently. We’ve hosted them before, but can we make it a success again? Britain has already had its difficulties with the Olympic Torch Relay, as it has certainly seen its fair share of classic British weather. The poor soul David Follett had to suffer the humiliation of it being blown out during his stint in Devon. This is Britain though, and one thing we do better than any other nation is remain cheerful even at the most depressing times. Community spirit is drilled into us at an early age, and we have come to accept that it is more likely to be overcast on a Sunday than be glorious sunshine, yet we persevere with our barbeques and street parties because that is what we have always done, and must always do.

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