Jessica Baggaley

Jessica Baggaley

I make the incoherent coherent through punctuation, adjectives and irony.

Think that Wales is just sheep, hills and all-male choirs? Well, think again. Deep in the countryside of north Wales stands Peep, a club where almost a thousand students congregate on Wednesday nights, sweating, dancing and drinking until 3am. The music of club night ‘Beans’ pounds through the crowd and thoughts of early morning lectures, deadlines and the overdraft are stamped on hard as they head to the bar with new friends for that probably-shouldn’t-have-it-but-will-anyway Jagerbomb.

It’s news to set the teeth of any self-respecting woman on edge. The disgusting, repulsive photographer who poked their lens where it wasn’t wanted isn’t as presumed, a perverted grey-haired old man. He’s not even a young fantastical ambitious French ‘homme’. No sir, Kate’s nemesis is a woman; an all-out, boob-owning female. Sorry but what exactly has happened to female solidarity?

We present Shaun Gordon, a well-established, popular and extremely talented designer who has worked for big-brands such as Fenchurch, SeventySeven Clothing and Billabong. He really is the definition of ‘living the dream’.

“You slaaag” is one heckle no one ever wants to hear. “Slag” and “man-whore” are words which are thrown around campus more than discarded cigarette butts and crumpled flyers.

Leeds Metropolitan students apparently rack up a total of 9.4 sexual partners each (, and although the University of Leeds ranks at a respectable 6.3, there are definite signs that the Leeds water is infected with something, be it sexually transmitted or not.

How many times have you been sat at your laptop flicking through Twitter or Facebook and you read something that really annoys you? Maybe someone you went to school with is bragging about their amazing life, or a celebrity on Twitter is celebrating the fact that their new song has flown right up to the number one spot. How hard is it for you to stop yourself from replying that you think the song sounds like someone is being murdered in a recording studio, or from commenting that the said ex-school friend may now be rich, successful and happy, but they actually have a big spot on their nose..?

Are you a member of Facebook? If you’re not, you could be classed as a psychopath.

Remember when your mum told you to be careful of strangers on the internet? Well now apparently, it’s those who avoid the internet and social networking sites that we should be wary of.

As NASA lands on Mars, Jess discusses why we should all be ‘Curious’ about Space

In the early hours of this morning NASA’s long-awaited Rover, named Curiosity survived a 13,000mph descent onto the surface of Mars, beginning what is promised to be a complete exploration of the possibility of life on the red planet.

Last Friday, 27 million UK viewers alone tuned in to witness London show off all its glory during the Olympic Opening Ceremony and the whole world came to a standstill. It was crystal clear to all watching, that the message London 2012 is trying to promote: ‘we can inspire a generation’, began as soon as Bradley Wiggins stepped on stage fresh from the Tour de France. His casual, nonchalant northern attitude proved to the rest of the world that Britain does not have to be huge to succeed, nor extravagant to entertain. And neither does its athletes.


This famous saying has been immortalised by a self-help book and by people everywhere who are looking for an excuse for their stereotypical behaviour. Women like a clean house, make-up and honesty? “They’re from Venus.” Men enjoy beer, sex and computer games? “Well, say no more: that’s all the characteristics of a Mars resident...” But now that we’ve reached the 21st century, there is a very strong and reasonable argument that these differentiations are no longer relevant. Then again, maybe people should question whether they were ever truly viable in a world where gender has stopped being the defining element of an individual – and personality has, quite rightly, taken over.

Many people may believe that holidaying with your parents should stop when you reach eighteen, move out of the family home, and embark on your own life. That’s all very well and good; but what if your own life forces you to remain in sunny summery England – sarcasm intended, for the duration of the year? Social network sites are almost buckling under the weight of holiday snaps as freshly tanned and loved-up couples return from their romantic trip away feeling the necessity to rub our faces in their half-naked photos, and large groups of friends embark on what could be an eye-opening ‘bonding’ experience. All this and you’re sat at home or work, tightening the belt and struggling to find the spare time and cash to jet off on the EasyJet rocket to the sun.

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