Nima Baniamer

Nima Baniamer

Love to write, Love to Travel, Love Going out. That's all. Really.

“So does your boyfriend like munching on hobnobs?”

This is what the drag queen screams on the mic as my ginger female friend walks into the bar. This is not going to be your ordinary night out. As the back catalogue of Steps and Spice Girls blare out, I can’t help but think that the one pound drinks are altering my perceptions of normality and reality.


 - By Nima Baniamer


Any music connoisseur only needs to hear the words ‘Daphne and Celeste’ and ‘Reading 2000’ to suddenly conjure up horror images. Drowned by a crowd of jeers, whose artillery consisted of piss-filled bottles, the Youtube clip of their performance has now simply become folk legend. 

Image of Daphne and Celeste taking fire at Leeds Festival 2000, (image compliments of Reading and Leeds Festivals - 30 great moments)


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