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For a woman who makes up a fifth of one of Britain’s most successful girl bands, Una Foden is surprisingly down to earth; her lilting Irish twang puts me immediately at ease, making me feel like I’m chatting to a good friend, rather than a pop star whose music I’d danced to in front of the mirror as an impressionable teenager.

She joins me, flushed with excitement, shortly after hearing the band’s new single, 'What Are You Waiting For'? on the radio for the first time; a sure to be smash hit which comes just before their Greatest Hits Tour in September. The star had taken time out of her hectic schedule to chat to me about the highs of juggling her two lives as both a mum and chart-topping singer.

“We were up bright and early this morning” she laughs, which surely can’t be unusual for the mum of an energetic toddler - two-year-old, Aoife Belle. Looking back over the past seven years, Una’s life has had to accommodate a new family, but she’s adapted each step of the way and is always yearning to get back to the stage on which she undoubtedly belongs. “This is what I love doing. Before The Saturdays I competed for Ireland in Eurovision as a backing vocalist to Brian Kennedy, so singing has been a huge part of my life.” When asked where she wants to be in ten years, the immediate and unquestionable answer is under those bright lights onstage. It quickly becomes apparent that I’m speaking to a women who is incredibly passionate about what she does.

Clearly, the girls are unbelievably excited to kick off their next tour in September (of which Wembley Arena is Una’s favourite venue), having had a two and a half year break from the touring scene. “September can’t come soon enough!” she reveals. This time they’ll be performing a selection of their biggest and best tracks, with some new, secret material, all available on their Greatest Hits Album expected to be released on August 11th. The bubbly redhead was particularly thrilled about What Are You Waiting For?, the video for which they filmed in Greece. “It’s always refreshing to get away from those dreaded green screen music videos”, she laughs.

By the sounds of things, the girls are here, there and everywhere. Una tells us her life revolves around travelling, particularly because home is in Ireland, but also seeing as last year the girls filmed their own reality TV show in L.A; an affirmation for the band, when they saw the Hollywood sign, that they really had made it. Although Una admits no other series are in the works, the girls are busy enough as it is, promoting not only their own music, but modelling for the new Reebok autumn/winter collection. But when asked what part of her career she has enjoyed the most, it isn’t the huge sell-out tours, but “the little snippets now and again, particularly the excitement of listening to each new single played on the radio”, which the girls are later heading to Radio 1 to reveal.

Despite The Saturdays having a huge run in the world of pop, Una admits her favourite song is Sheryl Crow’s cover of 'Sweet Child O’Mine'. “She’s my idol in life”, says Foden, who was brought up around country music, as the niece of country singer Declan Nerney. Una began her music career in Ireland, singing in pubs and clubs as an indie solo artist. It was in 2007, when she flew to London, that she secured the big break, landing a coveted audition for The Saturdays. Whilst her music style as a performer may have changed, it is clear that Una still loves the variety; she tells us that her favourite summer tunes are David Guetta’s 'When Love Takes Over', 'I’m Yours' by Jason Mraz, and the classic Shapeshifters hit 'Lola’s Theme', so be sure to add these to your holiday playlists!

The Saturdays have had an incredibly successful seven years together, and now they’re back and bigger than ever, we’ll be following them every step of the way. Best of luck for the future, Una!

The Saturdays tour kicks off in September, with the nearest show in Sheffield on the 10th.

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