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After signing to Secret Chord Records, 'One Blood' is the newest EP from experienced Bristol alt-rockers Mind Museum. The band have had a long touring history supporting both Young Guns and Twin Atlantic, securing a loyal fan-base along the way. Those fans won't be disappointed with what's been delivered here, but 'One Blood' is unlikely to pull new fans in. 


The band's energy is imminent to explode from 'The Get Go', Justin's vocals erupt into borderline screamo, redeemed by intelligently crafted lyrics: 'locked in a prison of my own imagination, this is a dangerous fascination'. The second track is consistently post-hardcore-influenced, yet does little to move the EP into a new direction. Pulling off poignant guitar lines, Will Slater shines on 'Wake Up'. While all the tracks are well-polished, this one is the most flawless. Skip past the same old on 'Lie To Me', and you're hit by real alt-rock genius on 'Answers'; the type that is both haunting and uplifting. The final of the original six tracks is the most playful. With sick riffs and a catchy hook, it's evident that the trio share a close bond; they love making music together and it pays off in their sound.


Making up for the lack of differentiation between the original six tracks, 'One Blood' also comes bundled with two acoustic versions of 'Wake Up' and 'Lie To Me'. You miss the heavy bass yet appreciate the exposure of Justin's voice. With the lyrics drummed into you, each song is strangely empowering without all of its layers.


The highlight of the EP is the daring addition of addictive bass on the Icon Roller remix of  'One Blood'. Well-suited to elements of drum and bass, it's a spectacular stand-out track. All-in-all, it's as though you can smell the sweat and taste the passion of Mind Museum on this EP, and it'd be worth it to get behind these guys.

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