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Former front-man of The King Blues knows a thing or two about straight up shenanigans! Itch has thrown a filthy curve-ball at the sound of 2014. Breaking every rule of genre, change is the only thing that's constant on this alluring clamor of infectious infusion. 


The album opens with its least impressive track, 'Life Is Poetry'. Word is, rap's dead. But don't be alarmed, Itch has mastered poetry to a beat. Track two is ready for the radio; 'Sun Goes Down' is bound to surprise early fans with its commercial feel. Next up, 'Homeless Romantic' is rap rock at its best. Taking Back Sunday's Adam Larazza brings the stadium anthem vibes; matched marvelously by Itch's empowering style of rap: 'Achieve the unthinkable fast. Refuse to be defined by your past.'


From pop to rock to reggae, 'Laugh' is an album favourite and future summer classic. Featuring reggae master Matisyahu, Itch has pulled off the perfect pop hook in what must have been a challenging experiment with different genres. The palaver doesn't stop there. 'Like I'm Drugs' drops a welcomed element of dub-step into the mix.  


The sensual vocals of Megan Joy bring a seductive, soulful feel to the album on 'Another Man.' A new type of emotion is ignited on the album's most captivating track 'Not My Revolution'. Here, Itch proves his punk attitude is still intact spitting: 'I dare you to shut me up'. Reggae vibes resurface on title track 'The Deep End', mashed up brilliantly with pop synths and dance beats.  


'All the kids just wanna dance': Itch wraps up the album in high spirits with 'Ricochet', a future-bound hit from 2014's latest creator and infiltrator. Sure enough, haters will hate. But here's four stars and a round of applause for the latest itch you just can't scratch. 

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