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One man’s junk is another man’s treasure! After 40 years of touring the world, Fleetwood Mac has had their past revisited, classics embellished and hidden gems uncovered. Hence, Boston is born.


Decades of musical experimentation, recruiting and losing members, and a bad-trip on LSD are amongst the insurmountable experiences endured by this most timeless of bands. Inevitably, many records were juggled, selected and disregarded along the way, never to see the light of mainstream European and American glares again… or maybe not

Digging in to the depths of Fleetwood history, Boston amalgamates both the well known and the unknown, the popular and the concealed, the promoted and discarded, to comprise a three-part album guaranteed to simultaneously calm your nerves and make your head rush. Made up of three live performances spanning across three nights at the Boston Tea Party 1970, it only makes sense for this album to be comprised of three CD’s, providing over 3 hours of vintage throwbacks. From ‘Jumping at Shadows’, ‘Black Magic Woman’ and ‘If You Let Me Love You’ - to more undiscovered records such as ‘Sandy Mary’ and ‘The Green Manalishi’ (Peter Green’s last appearance with the band) Boston is certain to meet all of your Fleetwood Mac desires.


Following these performances, witnessing Peter Green suffer with ever-growing bouts of schizophrenia as a result of an encounter with LSD in Munich, was a considerable loss for the English band. From 1970 Fleetwood Mac arguably lost one of the most influential vocal guitarists of their generation to mental deterioration, marking Boston (originally titled Live in Boston) a significant crossroad in Fleetwood Mac's career. With it being the last time standing beside the critically acclaimed legend of blues, folk and rock ‘n’ roll, Peter Green, Boston is a must-have for any old-school Fleetwood Mac fan with a passion for grass-root authenticity. This is as original as they come.


Many might ask how these hidden gems have been left unreleased for so long. With a 3-part CD recorded live in 1969, the quality has been under question for many decades, yet with the capabilities of today’s technology, Fleetwood Mac is presented to the public in the sharpest, freshest quality yet. Just wait to listen for yourself. Without infringing on the original sound of each performance, the records have been re-mastered to perfection.


First established under Blue Horizon Records in London 1967 and subsequently signing to Warner Bros in 1969, their immediate international success was a mystery to none, and Fleetwood Mac has provided authentic performances globally ever-since. Rumouring to complete a UK tour in the following months after 47 years of touring, this might be a final opportunity to see some Fleetwood magic live.


If you’re a fan of raw, well-constructed folk, blue and rock n roll, Boston is undoubtedly for you.

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