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Ellie Goulding is a marmite artist. Either you love her, or you loathe her. Whatever the case may be, as the official second-biggest selling artist in the UK in 2013, there's little to deny the girl's success. But has Goulding become an artist guilty for churning out a sub-par single knowing that it will become a hit, simply because it has her name on it? 'Goodness Gracious' is the answer to that. 


Ellie's latest single, to be released in March, is featured on her repackaged million-selling album Halcyon Days. It is on this album that Goulding shines as one of the best song writers in pop music; producing lyrics as genius as 'If I was not myself/And you were someone else/I'd say so much to you'. Co-written with Fun's Nate Ruess, 'Goodness Gracious' lacks this same quality, yet the hook is catchy enough to make the words memorable. 


With every commercial pop song, comes a commercial pop video. And this one happens to be quite fun. Ellie brings back light-up trainers, yay. '90s nostalgia! Miss Goulding looks hot, happy and carefree; so much so that it becomes impossible to remain cynical about the song. If summer vibes stay with you all year long, you'll love this. If not, avoid the radio. 'Goodness Gracious' has found its way into 2014 and an endless amount of hype is set to follow.


Hayley Thompson

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