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Album Review: Centiment - Streets of Rage

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When this album appeared in my inbox, I saw the words tech-metal and was instantly drawn to it. Combining elements of death metal and the experimentation of prog-rock can be a volatile mixture. It either works really well - or it really doesn't. There seems to be no middle ground. Luckily, with Centiment’s début album Streets Of Rage, the combination ticks a lot of boxes. This is definitely something a bit different and it's impressive just how unique and fresh this band sound.


It is clear from the get go that you are listening to something a little bit different from the usual. Opening track ‘S.O.S’ starts off by combining Super Mario Brothers-like electronic noises with an insane guitar beat that instantly gets your head banging. This opening track just sets the tone perfectly for the following 8 tracks. Each one manages to start off with a random little bit of techno and has absolutely no relevance to the rest of the song. Despite this, it's hard not to admit that hearing random retro game noises stuck in the middle of a heavy metal album, is a whole lot of fun.


Take away these random 8-bit gaming moments, that perhaps don't always hit the mark, and what you have in front of you is still a solid album. One of the most notable positives of this whole album is the beautiful juxtaposition between vocals. Dave McPherson (yes, this band is made up of the remains of former rockers InMe) does a really good job of using his singing voice and his screamo vocals to push each and every song that little bit further. Adding an extra manly push when it is needed, but also finding the higher pitches that those who remember InMe are so used to. A fantastic sound.


Each song, it seems, definitely brings something new to the album. Whether it be ‘Acheron’s ghostly synthesizer background sound or  ‘Three Laws of Neurotics’ with its vast array of vocal ranges; from pitch perfect singing all the way to eerie talking - something reminiscent of Marilyn Manson


This album isn’t perfect, and while it is a very well-produced album that has its notable quirks, it's hard not to feel that it doesn’t have enough to grasp the attention for too long. It might have something to do with the fact that all but one of the songs on the album check in around 4 minutes plus, and each song just seems to be pushing it when it comes to length. Twelve 3 minute songs would almost certainly work better with this band’s sound. Regardless though, a very solid album that's a decent début for Centiment. 

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