Album Review: Canterbury - Dark Days

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So I needed a new album to review, and as I used to live near a place called Canterbury I thought I would give these guys a listen. The first album I have reviewed in 2014 and it is clear that British rock is only going to be getting better and better. 2013 was something of a big year with bands like Don Broco and Mallory Knox coming out with huge début albums. Canterbury are on their third album since emerging in 2009 and it is clear that there is a lot to come from this band. As this album has moments where it truly shines.


I say that this album has moments and I say this mainly because there are some points in this 11-track album where I just got bored. That is the easiest way to describe it. At times this album is just simply dull and uneventful. This isn't because the album is fundamentally bad, not at all. It is a completely solid album, but at times it just drifts into the background. While it is a good thing that an album is easy to listen to, this album is at times simply too easy to listen to. Every song just blurs into each other, the vocals are at times just perfectly simple and not too amazing and, the whole aura of the band is just a massive pile of meh.


BUT, you notice that I said it has moments where it truly shines. That's because when this album becomes something else and it catches your attention it REALLY catches your attention. While I have mentioned that the vocals are perfectly simple at times, there are other times when the vocals merge, with the whole band harmonizing and the vocals become truly blissful to listen to. This album can be an absolute bore to listen to at times, but when it picks up like it does with acoustic-led 'By The Trail' the whole initial meh-ness of the band becomes a beautifully tranquil and peaceful affair that is a joy to listen to. 


It can be a very good album, but it doesn't steal your attention like a good album should all the time. There is nothing too complex about it all, and the lyrics are just forgettable after 10 minutes because the album has no substance. Yet, when it does work it works really well. It's ust a shame it's horrendously inconsistent.

Mark Wiglesworth

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