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Now in my opinion, Boyzone have always been living in the shadows of fellow Irish pop giants Westlife - but where are you now Westlife ayyy?! Well Boyzone are back with a brand spanking new album – BZ20 which is full to the brim with 11 tracks that promise to reduce middle-aged women to tears. Recently coming to the end of a monster 17-date tour and having been signed by Warner Music, it is clear that they are still going strong and have turned the page to embark on another chapter of their 20 year career.

But have they still got it?


To be quite honest, where Boyzone are concerned, I am not really sure what ‘it’ is. As a young boy going through a grunge/rock stage, a painful memory of mine was my mum blasting Boyzone in the car and singing along to their song ‘No Matter What’ - so it is safe to say that my opinion of Boyzone is a little bit tainted, to say the least. But listening to BZ20 it would appear that I have now learned to appreciate good old pop music. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be listening to the album on repeat any time soon, but it is definitely an album full of good old sing along tracks; the kind that cause you go through a fair amount of lighter fluid above your head, swaying from side to side.


Noticeable highlight tracks to me are ‘If We Try’ which packs a good old pop punch and the opening track to the album ‘Love Will Save The Day’, with its gentle acoustic guitar and piano intro. Just for good measure as well, the boys have also thrown in a Christmas track ‘The Hour Before Christmas’ which to be perfectly honest is a bit weak – but hey, they gave it a go!


It is obvious when listening to this album that they haven’t held anything back when putting this album together. It is also obvious just how much impact their fellow band member Stephen Gately’s death has had on the band and this album. In regards to their voices, they still have it. Fantastic Irish voices which fit perfectly together, frequently in good old pop crescendos. An album to be proud of boys, and an album for mums and nans nationwide! Recommended stocking filler!




Tim McGlashan

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