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I don't very often anticipate début albums as much as I have done this one. I first heard of We Are Ficition about a year ago now, when I heard 'My Dreams Are Haunted' on the radio. Since then, I have been constantly checking the internet for news of their début album coming out. The day has finally arrived; One For Sorrow has finally reached my ears, and I am most certainly not disappointed with the band's first attempt at a full length studio album. From listening to this, it is clear that this Peterborough quintet have bags of potential when it comes to writing energetic and catchy rock anthems.


If you need to listen to one song on this album to perfectly understand what I mean, just check out 'Sail On'; this six minute bundle of joy combines all the best aspects of this band. It has a stupidly catchy chorus, some beautiful guitar chords throughout, a drum beat that could wake the dead, and screamy shouty vocals that I always adore in a band - all amped up to 11 to truly hit home the enthusiasm that this band have to create such beautiful rock music. Now I know beautiful is a weird word to use when it comes to describing rock music, yet that is the word that comes to mind describing this album. The joint vocal effort by Phil Barker and Marc Kucharski perfectly compliment one and other, and the clean vocals by Kucharski sound as if they have been fine tuned to make Barker's vocals sound extra screamy and shouty. When both start doing their thing together, it is just utterly beautiful.


Yet, it isn't just the vocals that make this album something truly special. With songs like the opening track 'Mansion House', Kucharski, Andi Shaw and Ryan Chambers combine all their strings and create an electric guitar and bass guitar porn film. Yes, that sounds smutty as hell, but the last minute of that song throws so many brilliant guitar chords at your face that it becomes a truly spectacular affair, and you will be dancing and jiving like no one is watching. It is truly impossible to stand still while guitars are making that kind of noise. Add the fact that the drumming by Tom Calton is fantastic, and this break down becomes one of my favorites this year. Considering this year has already been a strong one for post-hardcore bands, that is particularly impressive.


The best thing about this whole album isn't the catchy choruses, or the mental breakdowns. No, it's the fact that it is clear the band aren't intimidated by anything. Each and every song has something unique about it - there is no two songs that sound similar and it is a wonderful thing to hear. Whether it be the Rage Against The Machine influenced 'Tilt' featuring rapper Xidus Pain, the slow and steady approach to 'Forget About Me', or the bone shattering aggression that is featured in 'Earth Medicine', this album really does have something for everyone and I do seriously look forward to where the band go from here.


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