Hashtag Arrogant Hater: James Arthur's Homophobic Twitter Rampage Featured

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Just as we all start to pity James Arthur for his lack of pop-star looks, he reveals an inner disfigurement ugly enough to repulse Satan himself. The X Factor's most unworthy winner recently uploaded a rap battle to YouTube where he spat the words: "fucking queer", "scrubber" and "peasant". James' best attempt at self-defence came with the declaration that his homophobic language had a "different intent." Bullshit. James Arthur should become the new synonym for stupid and insolent. 

Homophobia has always been unacceptable and today it is downright unpardonable. This isn't the first time that Twitter has been used as a celebrity war-field. On this occasion, it granted out and proud artist Lucy Spraggan the chance to become an online spokeswoman for thousands of righteous homosexuals. Spraggan expressed her outrage at fellow X Factor contestant by tweeting "nice one" before adding: "People kill themselves every day because there's insults like that around. It's not something a role model should say. #donthate". Lucy's brutal, truthful remarks caused James to retaliate with a nasty string of personal text messages in which he commented: "Do you want attention or something? Sorry I didn't tweet your album link I've been busy." Wow.


The problem you face when you fall out of a TV show onto a pre-made fan base, is that you can't assume yourself an arrogant amount of timeless loyalty. Talent will win you fans, but it won't win you their love and respect unconditionally. James Arthur is learning this the hard way as his fans are now demanding refunds; unassumingly based upon the fact that 'homophobic loser' wasn't included in the product description. Spraggan was right to warn "don't fuck with the gays." Arthur's small brain seems to have underestimated how many supporters he would insult and I hope that every single one of you are issued a refund in full. 


Lucy Spraggan isn't the first of James' Twitter victims; let's not forget the bitter war on album sales with fellow X Factor contestant Matt Cardle. Or last month's debacle, where JLS were let off lightly; as boy bands such as One Direction and Union J were the topic of scrutiny. Put it this way, James is going to need an exceptionally good PR team if he plans on surviving in the music industry for much longer. Shortly after deleting his account, it now seems that Arthur's tweets are being handled by management. Let this be a lesson to all artists who chose to run their mouths on Twitter. Your music can't save you now, James.


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