Gig Review: London Grammar @ Cockpit Leeds - 'Someone Please Hand Me The Valium' Featured

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You can call me strange, but as venues go, the Cockpit in Leeds really excites me. Firstly, you’re inside a fucking railway bridge - that’s pretty awesome. Secondly, the venue’s shape not only allows for ace acoustics, but its size creates an incredible intimacy between the audience and the performing act. As expected, the atmosphere rippled with waves of anticipatory energy as a varied crowd waited to see what London Grammar had to offer. In the last year, singles ‘Hey Now’ and ‘Wasting My Young Years’ have launched their début album If You Wait into a seductive spotlight of success, so I was eager to see how the album would translate into a live performance.


London Grammar swiftly placed their stamp of musical quality onto the evening as they opened with a cleverly crafted showcase of Hannah Reid’s vocal talent. The charming trio enveloped us all with their electronic ambience, pulsing dense bass notes through the crowd and creating vibrations that would rival your latest Ann Summers purchase. Well, perhaps not. But the Beach Boys would certainly have been proud.


London Grammar have perfected the formula. Mysterious guitarist? Check. Controlled, chilling vocals? Check. The third piece of the puzzle is Dot Major, the bands multi-instrumentalist mastermind. He flits from bongo, to keyboard, to drum kit and back to the microphone just in time to provide his gorgeous harmonies. Talent simply radiates from the man. Also. Dot Major? Kudos to his folks for that name. Cracking choice.


With such a sexy, unique sound, I’m pretty sure nothing stands between London Grammar and world domination. If you enjoyed the album, then the live London Grammar experience is an absolute must. Their musical genius is simply amplified, and laid upon a delicious silver platter for us all to devour hungrily. The evening ended on an exceptional note, as the band flaunted their potential with a beautiful cover of Chris Isaak’s ’89 classic 'Wicked Game'. The prospect of seeing London Grammar gig again in February is almost too much. In fact, someone please hand me the Valium.


5 huge, shiny golden stars for London Grammar. If I could, I’d give them more. Sensational.

Shelley Stromdale

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