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James Blunt is very similar to the common cold. He keeps on appearing every now and then. He isn't a pain in the arse, just a mere irritation that you could do without in your day-to-day life. Now, before you start shouting at me saying that I am just hating on the man because, very much like Coldplay, it is 'cool' to hate James Blunt. As a man he does seem like a very genuine and nice man to talk to, but his music is more drippy than the crappy tap in my kitchen. However, unlike the crappy tap in my kitchen, this problem can't be fixed by phoning up the landlady - because, very much like the common cold, the man just doesn't disappear.


Now that I have got that lovely comparison out of the way, let me explain myself. James Blunt is here -still - with his fourth album Moon Landing, in which he continues to meander down the well-trodden path of soft-rock/pop which as a genre is so over populated that it makes a battery hens home look spacious. Because the man is still trying to force his way into a genre that is probably better without him, Mr. Blunt needs to try and make himself unique to truly make himself a memorable name. Unfortunately for the man, he has become distinguishable for one thing in the music industry and that is his distinctive voice.


Now, this is a big factor for me when it comes to reviewing this album. I will get the good stuff out of the way first because I was very surprised when I heard it - HE ACTUALLY HAS ONE GOOD SONG. Yes, 'Heart To Heart' does actually compliment his singing voice. It's silly to think it I know, but James Blunt has created one song I actually enjoy. It is a little upbeat number with clapping and a general happy note to it. Think Take That, but if their testicles hadn't dropped. 


Now the one good point is out of the way, I must say as a general rule of thumb the distinctive voice that James Blunt has completely ruins everything. I'm not saying it is a bad voice - his singing is always on spot. He can sing - basically, the man can hold a note. But because the majority of the songs on this album are slow and miserable, his voice is even more prominent. You know the expression 'he has a punchable face?' Well James Blunt has a punchable singing voice because it is just too unbearably annoying. The up beat songs aren't too bad, but when things slow down and he tries getting all deep and meaningful it just leads to me wanting to physically assault the sound waves that are coming from my speakers.


It is a very radio-friendly and the lead single Bonfire Heart (the video for which features him doing his best Terminator impression and riding around Idaho on a motorbike taking pictures of poor people) perfectly shows what to expect from this album. It isn't anything special. That is the kindest thing I can say about this album. It isn't bad. If I had to listen to this album for the rest of my life I'm sure I could get used to his annoying singing voice and his general dreary disposition. But in general, I think four albums is enough James - please just give it a rest now.


Mark Wiglesworth

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