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Jimi Hendrix. If those two words mean nothing to you, stop reading this and go and listen to his whole back catalogue.. seriously, go and do it now. This one man has been the influence of so many modern day musical talents that quite frankly, if you don’t know this man, then you need to re-think what you’re doing with your life. In case you haven’t released: I am a huge Hendrix fan. So, when I found out about the release of ‘Jimi Hendrix – Hear My Train A Comin’, you can guess that I was very, very excited. 4 November cannot come round quicker.


This documentary, which is being directed by music documentary guru Bob Smeaton, unveils previously unseen performance footage and home movies taken by Hendrix and drummer Mitch Mitchell, while also drawing on archive footage that helps to create an insight into the musician’s personality and musical genius.


With only four years of mainstream exposure Jimi Hendrix became well known for his electric stage presence and left an ever-lasting legacy as one of the greatest performers to have ever lived. This two hour documentary, released as part of a year-long celebration around what would have been his 70th birthday year, draws on interviews with Hendrix and commentaries from well-known friends and musicians such as Paul McCartney, Noel Redding, Steve Winwood and Billy Gibbons - to name only a few. The film details the meteoric rise of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, the building of the wonderfully famous Electric Lady Studios and concludes with footage from his final performance in Germany in September 1970, just 12 days before his death at the age of 27.


If all that hasn’t got you excited, then I am afraid you are a lost cause, because this has the potential to be the most heart-breaking and poignant documentary of the year. Basically, if you like music and want to find out more about one of the greatest musicians to have ever walked this planet, pick up this DVD on 4 November.


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