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With a healthy dollop of ‘do-da-doing’ and some seriously sugary choruses, for anyone above the age of fifteen, San Cisco’s new, self-titled album sounds like little more than an Okay Go meets Alphabeat hybrid. As a summer-time jam, released mid-October, it’s a bit of a confused attempt. However, the album does give us some glimpses of musical genius that would, and we can be hugely hopeful for a promising future.


To kick-start the album is the ultra-poppy title track 'Beach', which gained a fair amount of airplay on the top Australian Radio station, Triple J, and was eventually nominated for the station’s ‘Unearthed J’ award. Reminiscent of an old 80s tune, 'Beach' catches on like an Australian bushfire; rife with sunbeam riffs so dazzling you’ll need to slap on at least an SPF 15. This is a track that shows a huge deviation from the San Cisco that we once knew - delivering us a variety of sounds, with a versatile abundance of instruments.


But the faint glimmer of a soul to this pop-quartet is then thoroughly dampened by the happy-clapping and Twee-yelping that dominates its next track, ‘Awkward’. With some powerfully pretentious lyrics that would probably make Lily Allen cringe in her Dunlops, the song’s style seems superficial and emotionally alienating.


'Fred Astaire', however, reclaims back some of the lost honour and is a tune that will inevitably have the hands of any San Cisco crowd clapping. Thanks to some pulsating drum beats, cute lyrics and tinkling keyboards, this song is a summer-festival cracker!


What appears to be a looped sample then opens up 'Hunter' with an ethereal and ongoing chant, which plays throughout the entirety of the third track. Something about lead-singer Jordi Davidson’s vocals in this song seem once again reminiscent of a sounds we once knew - perhaps Alex Turner at some point in Arctic Monkeys’ catalogue. 


For all its faults and reminiscences, it’s a cream-soda album with some great artistic potential. Super slick and sugar-coated, I believe we can expect great things from Australia’s testament to the British Indie-pop scene in the coming years.

Stephanie Skarbek

I'm in my second year studying English Literature and Language at Leeds. In my spare time, which I never seem to have a lot of, I like to draw, play the drums and watch Korean films. I also write short stories, and spend my time investing in comic books and cheap clothing on ebay!

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