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I refuse to pretend that I wasn’t prancing around with the head of a mop, having a bit too much fun impersonating Eliza Doolittle, when the returning star’s opening track ‘Waste of Time’ came booming through my speakers. The fact that I didn’t stop when my housemate discovered my guilty pleasure is testament to just how incredible this album is. Within the first two records, Miss Doolittle’s thirteen-track album entitled ‘In Your Hands’, might well have you in the palm of hers. There is no excuse not to love this album. I don’t care if your name is Dave and you’re off to smash a few pints after a hard day of labouring… two minutes of this and you’ll be ready to...

... challenge Barbara from down the road to a sing-off.


As the granddaughter of a theatrical figurehead, child of a playwright and west-end actress/model/singer, there are no prizes for guessing where Eliza Doolittle gets her lyrical, physical and vocal qualities. Yet, despite the 25-year-old’s family fortune of fame, Eliza distinguishes her very own fresh persona through ‘In Your Hands’, relating to personal highs and lows that grant the album a richness of character – something that her former self-entitled album of 2010 certainly lacked.


Now signed to Parlophone, the constant battle of escaping Lily Allen’s legacy has plagued Doolittle’s career since her first mainstream appearances. This album manifests the progression of Eliza over the past three years; from a girl who “hadn’t experience much of anything”, to creating an album that encapsulates some “new experiences” that have “taken [her] on a different path”. Her tracks entitled 'Don’t Call It Love' and “Let It Rain' invite us on Eliza’s journey through break-up and her subsequent self-discovery.


With a dab of jazz, a stroke of soul and a generous smudge of pop thrown into her portfolio, Eliza has painted herself to be a truly distinguished artist. Leading listeners through landscapes of love in 'Euston Road', 'No Man Can' and 'In Your Hands', Eliza relays her relationship with happiness before heartbreak. Capturing perpetual pain and pure pleasure with a blend of piano, synths and repercussion, Miss Doolittle transforms hard-knock topics into feel-good music. If you need further convincing of Eliza finding her niche in the industry, it is advisable to listen to 'Walking On Water'. Why? You ask… Well, other than Eliza Doolittle, who could put Jesus in Air Maxes and make it sound perfectly reasonable?


So, you’ve been teased enough. When can you have ‘In Your Hands’ in your hands? The official release date is October 14th 2013. If that seems too long to wait before obtaining your indie-pop fix, then her single ‘Big When I Was Little’, which premiered on July 7th, might give you an idea of what to expect from the transformed Eliza Doolittle’s album.

With a new and promising vivaciousness, fans and listeners are assured that the next album will not take another three years to create. Certainly, Eliza has fulfilled her desire “to come back with a bang” – hopefully inspiring Eliza Doolittle to *cough*

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