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Sub Focus freed the inhibitions of every raver packed inside the Radio One Dance tent at Leeds Festival this summer, leaving many of us living in high anticipation of this release. The soul behind Sub Focus is Nick Douwma, a gifted UK producer with an obvious amount of talent beneath a complex set of skills. 


Irony emerges in the exhibition of Sub Focus placing a strong focus upon each of the sub-genres within the EDM stratosphere. The most notable track on the album is drum and bass driven 'Tidal Wave' which peaked at number four in the UK Dance Chart and has reigned as a festival and club anthem ever since. Sub-styles featured on other tracks include hints of UK garage, funky house bass-lines and indie-dance vibes.  


Douwma's phone book of contacts is seemingly one to be impressed by. With Foxes called in on the vocals, track thirteen is owned by a voice endearing enough to excite your every skin cell and impact your every thought. Elsewhere, the vocals of MNEK and Alex Clare also serve to bridge a gap between what's seen as a technically sound piece of production to a masterpiece driven by vocal emotion, pushing 'Torus' into dangerously personified waters.  


Other collaborations showcase the skills of fellow producers Culture Shock and TC, who lend liquid elements to the album. A part of my soul has been sold to drum and bass and 'You Make It Better' confirms this. Eight seconds in and I'm hooked, craving that dance arena escape where the mind is driven by hypnotising lyrics and the body dominated by a heavy dose of bass. 


Douwma's deluxe version of 'Torus' calls upon bass junkies and boasts an additional four tracks that you'd be insane to ignore. You don't have to be a fan of electronic dance music to appreciate that this album is the finest of its genre. If you aren't convinced, the best you can do is drop a few of these tracks onto your gym playlist and let the bass rule your workout. 


Sub Focus is set to free more people of their inhibitions at the o2 Academy in Leeds later this month. I urge you to purchase a ticket with the warning that a part of your soul may go with it, and if you're anything like me, you won't be looking back. 


Click without regret.


Hayley Thompson

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