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If you have never heard of the name Birdy before, I would suggest you get out from that rock you have been living under, as you have missed a lot since 2011. Since then, no one has really heard much from the young lady from Lymington - but with this, her second studio album, Jasmine van den Bogaerde (thank god she goes by the stage name of Birdy, because that is a mouthful) has told the world that she really means business. This album is a wonderfully constructed amalgamation of everything that is good with folk and pop music, which turns this 15-track album an utter delight to listen to.


I really hate admitting that. I think that is why it has taken me a few days to write this review. Background information for you: I am a tattooed, bearded, heavy-metal-loving student. As a general rule of thumb, I shouldn't have even wanted to listen to this album. The fact that it now has a constant place on my iPod, is something I never expected. It is just so god damn hard to say too many bad things about this album.


Prepare yourself for quite a big statement of my love for this singer/songwriter from Lymington. Birdy has one of THE most distinctive voices in music at the moment. She is really up there with the likes of Emeli Sande, if you ask me. Every song shows off another aspect of her angelic voice; whether it be 'Words As Weapons' - which constantly flirts with the high notes that she reaches with ease - or 'Light Me Up', which shows that her singing voice is also capable of carrying the catchy choruses, that pop music is so used to. While I'm on the topic of 'Light Me Up', IT IS SO DAMN GOOD! It is a song that is more catchy than the common cold and full of so much energy and charisma. 


After writing that last sentence I had to go and reassert my manliness - so I naturally had a fight with a bear. That is seriously my main problem with this album: I will be blaring it out in my house, singing my little arse off. Then, there will come a time when I have to leave my room and deal with banter that arises, because I am listening to music that wasn't really aimed at me as a target demographic.


Okay, positive remarks aside. The songs on this album leave a bit of room for improvement, while her singing voice is the loveliest thing I have heard in a long time. I am forced to give this album four stars because the songs themselves are all pretty similar and as a continuous listen, it does get a little bit stale when you reach the last three of four tracks. HOWEVER, this album is massively saved, because of Birdy herself. Give this album a listen, regardless of the music you normally listen to. Because Birdy currently has the most faultless singing voice on this planet.


Mark Wiglesworth

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